Claim Your Zing Tokens

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HoloZing is a Web3 enabled monster catching, training, and battling game. It draws strong inspiration from classics like Pokémon and World of Warcraft. The game has four unique elements that set it apart from similar games and other web3 games.

For now, the game is yet to be launch so a lot of us are trying to earn Zing Token and there are four opportunities to do that before the game launches. To get started head over to

On the Holozing home page use the log in feature which is at the top right of the home page. Click on it and a pop display will appear where you'll have to input your username.

After log in, you can explore the Inventory and White paper pages to understand the game more, but the main focus on this post is the Rewards section. This is where you claim your Zing Token.

You must have Posh tokens, delegate HP to @zingtoken, ne in the liquidity pool or have staked Zing Token to earn and claim Zing rewards.

I'm currently holding POSH, staking and have a good size delegation to earn rewards. I think this is a good opptounity to get in on the ground floor.

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I've got a little bit in each of the lines.

I keep upping my delegation.

I keep meaning to get around to this one but haven't done it yet. I'll have to pick up some POSH and Zing to stake. Thanks for the reminder!

No problem it's worth staking a bit.

This is a good project. So now is the time to claim zing token.

I'd say so I like the team

I have some posh tokens to earn zing. I shall try and provide Hive for the liquidity pool as the Apr is quite high now !

I think it's a smart idea

Since you must have delegate HP and posh token to claim your zing token I think this project is what all hive members should support apart from the fact that we get to gather alot of zing token before it finally launches.

It's super easy to do I think staking and delegating some hp is with it.

how much potential this game have? what are your thoughts?

I think the team is good and the idea is good so I think there is some promise.

I am not a gamer but interested in delegating to Holozing, even with small amounts of HP.

Perfect time to claim some zing token