Another Market Dip


A lovely sight to see if you are building and staking your crypto portfolio. You only lose if you sell and having stake staked you could not be in a better position knowing all it is doing is earning more coins. This is the best way to grow and there are no tricks and could not be any simpler. If you simplify your crypto investments you cannot lose.


Whilst writing this post the market crashed again and look where the APR is now.

Another 2% added to the APR is seriously fantastic because it means more coins being earned.

The easy come easy go investors known as the dumb money who are more gamblers than investors lost more than $1.5 billion in the last 24 hours which is utter stupidity. I have never bothered to even study how the leverage game works as I have no intentions of risking any of my portfolio. The volatility with crypto means any long or short is not safe and this is seriously high risk o why anyone does this is crazy. It seems those attracted to the leverage game either have too much money or are just desperate because you don't have any.

The COTI Treasury APR on one of my stakes is earning a healthy 24.43% boosted by the liquidations of those in the high risk pools. I seriously enjoy this period mainly down to the growth that is offered with the liquidated tokens being distributed to those who are focused on growing. I used to feel sorry for these investors but you cannot have any sympathy for greedy individuals. You reap what you sow and this is payback for not protecting your investment which I could never risk due to the value and importance it holds to me.

I do think crypto is all about attitude and how hard you have worked on your investment. My portfolio has taken 6 years to build and every dollar earned has taken effort so those playing the leverage game just looks like they do not care and don't respect or value what they have.

With so much talk about the Bitcoin halving happening in 7 days time along with he Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF's you would think everything should be pumping, but that is not the case.


This dip is another opportunity to load up and accumulate more tokens that you have been eyeing up and again staking means you don't have to worry about prices. These dips are going to happen regularly right up until the market peak is reached hopefully much later next year. The longer this keeps going the more we can build and why I love this part of the market cycle. This is just too easy and it is all about how you simplify your growth and nothing else.

Crypto is an investment which will test you if you allow the dips to affect your thinking and the longer you are involved the more enjoyable it becomes. I can understand why 90% of crypto investors lose because they do not have any strategy or understanding of how to play the crypto cycle. You would think having invested their own money they would pay more attention instead of being guided by social influencers who also have very little knowledge of what the market will do.

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Part of me shudders, but the larger part of me rejoices that we are getting such a great sale before the halving!


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I need to check where my APY is at tomorrow. The ETH side of things doesn't show it the same way it does for you I don't think.

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