Only Limitation Is Yourself

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Many believe we are going to be entering a Bear market really soon if we haven't already. For many who have experienced this before it is actually not bad news and is quite the opposite. It all depends on your mentality and what you long term goals are.

On Hive lower prices mean lower $$$ rewards on posts but a lower Hive normally means you earn more Hive. What is there not to like about that as more Hive means the ability to earn more through what we all do daily during our activities on here.

No one knows how long this Bear market will last even though we have experienced this before. If it is a similar time frame compared to the last one then we have 3.5 - 4 years to knuckle down and grow. Time is your friend in this case as being able to compound growth it needs time to perform the magic we all know it can.

Over the next 4 years I am thinking I can be anywhere between 2 or 3 x larger than I am currently which is a decent return. One can never just expect to earn Hive as that is out of your controls as this is all about what the community decides. Consistency with the best quality posts you can do should see you succeed.

I say 2 -3 x growth over the next 4 years but smaller accounts have the ability to ramp it up far quicker so doing a 10-30 x or more is achievable. The only thing holding you back from achieving this is you and how active and consistent you are over the next few years. The opportunities are here and the same for everyone.

The difference between the last Bear market and this one is there are loads more accounts with larger stake who are active on the blockchain daily. This makes a massive difference as the ability to earn is here.

New developments are hitting the chain regularly so who says we don't get a sudden explosion of new users which would make things way different. Bear markets are for growing and seeing the community grow during these times would be a huge boost for everyone involved here.

Just think bigger picture of where you would like to be in 2025 as this is up to you whether you achieve those numbers or not. The next 3 years could be one of the most valuable investments time wise you will ever make so don't waste it waiting for price action to move back up. Many before have made this mistake as they didn't understand the economics in play.

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Awesome thanks! nice encouraging words for a newbie here...I've only been in crypto since March last year.
I dont think summer 2021 counts as a bear market, though it was a rough ride!
I'm also new to any kind of too , so taking it slow but also bringing in as many people as I can to hive regardless of the market conditions, thanks again!

Glad you joined at the right time as you will see some serious growth on your account. How much seriously depends on you as this is a big opportunity. I had 0 Hive 43 months ago with 0 investment and it takes time, but it is well worth it.

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After you've been through $.09 Hive as well as $3 Hive you learn it all looks the same once it's in your wallet.

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Very true as I think at 0.09c we would like it to be more and at $3 you are now justified for what you have done but know there is much more to still come. The $3 was so brief anyways but was still a good feeling. $5 will be much better and still no doubt it will all look the same.

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I agree a little financial validation is good. :)

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Just another day in crypto world, HODL!


Absolutely right as we are just at the beginning of something really special on Hive.

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CONSISTENCY. I don't quite fancy Tattoos but if I were to consider one, it'll likely be that word on my body


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I'm happy with it going down as the second layer tokens come down as well. A great time to load up on Dec and SPS, Leo , Sim and the most important of all Hive.

I'd be okay with bear market that lasts a year or so, but I don't want to see another three year one. At least not right away! It would impact my other holdings, but not my Hive. I will likely still be here blogging away about anything and everything.