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I am more than happy with that and honestly will be reinvesting the rewards as it adds to the pace of the account growing. This type of thinking I am comfortable with as 10 years suite me fine right now. Wish I was younger but this is another part of the pension scheme on steroids.

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Get rich slowly is the motto of SPInvest and it could equally apply to LBI.

These are long term concepts where returns grow over time. Of course, we are in crypto so it is possible for things to go crazy. SPI had outsized returns. In the first year, the token value (not price but value backed by assets) increased 80%. Not a bad one year return.

We still have about 4 months left in year 2 but SPI is likely to surpass that return by a wide margin.

We are already over a 4x return in 20 months. Try to find that in the bond market.

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All projects under SPinvest are long term, get rich projects :) It's our niche

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Wait until you see what I write about SPI and LBI. I have to decide whether to make it one of my LEO posts or the SPI post for the week.

Since its only Tuesady, I have a could days to decide.

It is Tuesday isn't it?

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Can't wait to read that post ...

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With the rate you write your posts, it does not even matter if its Wednesday :D:P LBI token is interesting. One of the many tentacles of the Leofinance ecosystem.

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They are spreading. This is the first Leofinance project that is not being done by the Leofinance team. It is outside of the main ones who were driving LEO thus far.

That is how an ecosystem expands.

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Yeah. Great point. We know the system is evolving when the responsibility is shared by the third party. The Leo future looks good so far.

Well LEO is a base platform for others to build upon. This is the great aspect to all this.

Builders can keep building on top of other things, which already has a solid foundation and value.

This can be leveraged by newer projects while also, hopefully over time, adding more back to the base platform.

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