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RE: I'm Pretty Much Done With Twitter, Focusing on LeoFinance, Peakd, and Dbuzz

I hate social media and quite honestly don't see the point. The likes of Facebook I can't stand and don't have a Facebook account personally as I just don't get it. How shallow and pathetic must one be to think others are interested in what they are doing. Friends and family who you care about should know anyway so I have never got the lets load this up type content. I think we are all better off without this type of thing and hopefully others will see exactly what it is and switch off. Twitter I don't get either and is kind of in the same category as all the other crap.

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I feel pretty much the same way about most social media. I didn't get Twitter until I got into crypto. It was a good tool for research and also following the market. It's changed a lot over the years though. I have to agree though, in a lot of ways I think we'd be a lot better without it (social media in general).

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