Why Having HIVE Is A Must Have Investment

I haven't been paying much attention lately to the Hive vote value mainly because it takes forever to move up. It seems like a few months it has been hovering around the 4.9 hive mark and all of a sudden it is comfortably above 5 Hive per vote.

This is how I gauge my growth because this is such an important part of your growth through earning curation and the support you offer others. The plan is to never sell the stake and just keep it growing. Trading HIVE for HBD when the price is right is on the card this time around and then to convert back to HIVE when the HIVE value drops back down again. This I see as a sure way of fast tracking your overall HIVE growth and missed that opportunity during the last cycle and to be honest never even crossed my mind due to being focused purely on growth. This is a good habit to have but definitely an over sight on my part because it can easily triple your stake depending on how much you swap in and out.

When you have long term goals like I have there is no room for selling because the stake is that important for what it offers. Those users who have taken years to build their Hive Power know how hard it is and even though it could be worth a significant value and even life changing in some cases. I know I would struggle to even consider selling due to the time this has taken to build and represents way more than just dollars in my eyes.

My belief is if you have a large enough stake then the monthly rewards you earn would suffice for living comfortably anyway. My vote value offers around 25 Hive per day through curation and the stake generates another 9.5 combining for a 34.5 daily total without delegations and post rewards. A $3- $5 HIVE would mean a guaranteed $3-$5K monthly income which is decent in any country you may reside.

The good thing is we know the more we grow the more those numbers will rise and why I am favoring not selling the stake because a passive income is far more powerful than money in the bank. The way the economies of the world are going the $3K monthly income will not be sufficient and there will be much more required so do not just think about now, but what will happen in 10 years and what will the economy look like then. Who could have guessed an investment could become so personal, but HIVE is just that because it is a proper mission to become established which takes in my case many, many years to achieve.

Every one has the right to think differently on what they would like to do and maybe I would think differently if I was in my twenties or thirties, but being in my fifties I need to think 10 years from now. This is more of a back up and a security blanket for the future. HIVE may be harder to earn by that time so having HIVE powered up and growing sounds like a good idea to me.

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What do you use to see your Full Vote like that?

I am now 125HP away from being at 5000HP again and I am quite happy with my rapid regeneration of Hive stake!

I shall now keep it above 5k HP and then create a buffer zone above that point!


Keep it there if you can because it makes the difference.

Cool. Yeah. I shall do my very best!

Wow, that's quite impressive. I am hoping to get myself there one day. It's been a slow climb since I have been trying to keep some Hive liquid. I also know that moving as much as I did into HBD didn't help me either.

Yes I avoided HBD because it is not making financial sense to be holding it now and would possibly cost myself 10 x which is a 1000% versus earning 20%.

What I have now is from a long time ago. I haven't been actively putting anything in for a while now. I just let my interest roll back in to compound it each month. It's about 125 HBD per month right now.

Although I've enjoyed the platform and the Hive ecosystem so far, I don't keep a large amount in Hive Power, but rather in passive Stacking on Binance. This allows me to earn a few bucks and the possibility of withdrawing at any time, whereas in Hive Power if I needed to withdraw in an emergency, I would have to wait a few months.

Then you are sacrificing earning more for convenience and I get that, but does not work in the long run. You will never compound what you have and when more people join will only earn less and less. I grew for 4 years non stop before I even considered staking in other projects and have not taken 1 c from crypto as yet. We are too early to be taking funds regularly and will regret this in the future. It is the equivalent of pocket money compared to real value if it is diluted now.

You may be right in some respects. But I believe that HIVE won't appreciate more than 3 dollars until the big peak, that is, it doesn't have that great a utility that differentiates it from Web3 protocols like CyberConnect. After Halving, I intend to monitor the price and check the situation. If it continues to rise, I'll move to Hive Power, otherwise I'll sell.