This seems huge, how have I not heard about it until now?

I mean the dev did just announce it today with @theycallmedan asking about it only a week ago.
Months behind :D

What are some of the main type of applications looking to be first explored with wHive?

I'm guessing just speculation on Uniswap / other DEXes to start out.
Liquidity is it's own kind of application.
Privacy matters to a lot of these big traders.

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I feel like it wasn't even a week ago, lol.

I'm ok with speculation! Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out!

It’s all happened so fast, that’s why!

The first applications will be inclusion on the top DEX’s on Ethereum. Listing there is free and easy once the ERC20 is setup. From there, you’ll be able to stake wHive in liquidity pools and probably interact with DeFi directly at some point

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