Jared Scar is a Beast!

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Bloodlust is a OP ability but only two of the cards have it (excluding gladiator ones), the Fire Splinter titan Grum Fireblade and the Life Splinter Beast Jared Scar!
Both are awesome cards, Grum is great tank with void armour, void and high health and armour but he is lacking speed, something that's great disadvantage for me, in the other hand Jared can be a total devastator in certain ruleses such as melee mayhem, super sneak, equaliser and opportunity. He may be also slow but it has something that makes him insanely powerful, true strike! He actually cant miss, if he's lvl 3 and above he has also piercing and along with bloodlust can evolve inside the mutch into a behemoth!!
Take a look of a certain battle that win the game almost alone!





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