Plebcoins that pumping and make me happy(again)!

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Well WAX it's not exactly something you can call pleb coin but meh, whatever..
I believe that WAX can overcome EOS in price very easy and i feel very lucky that i have some in my bags, i wano yo have more but lately I'm focusing entirely on leo and generally everything around it, so it was quite difficult to buy more WAX. I will definitely buy more Wax in the future because it's very undervalued right now, anyways is a coin that feel good to hodl and makes me happy buying it sooooooo cheap before!

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Shill me all your plebcoins PLEASE thanks :)

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Enjin was sooooo cheap just a month ago, VET and XVG are still cheap (highly recommend VET).

Will look into them, thanks bro!

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