What would you Do?

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If someone for his own reasons gift you 1 Bitcoin with with a unique term to spent it all to some other projects?

a) Are you willing to buy #HIVE?

b) If you do, how much will you spent on Hive?

c) Which other project did you believe that worth to invest on?

d) Will you invest in the long term projects and HODL it or you will do some trading?

For me a big portion (50% or maybe more) will be used to buy #HIVE and #LEO, the rest will be used to buy ETH, LINK, VET, XVG and WAX. No trading at all, just HODL it!!



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damn boy. Who is giving free bitcoins?

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I said just in case that someone for his own reasons ( maybe his kind hearted like you senpai) willing..

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50 percent Buy Leo Use curation earnings to buy hive and hold. The rest hold Bitcoin to soak up the excess funny money floating in the fiat system.

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