Got our ChatGPT __TIPPING_BOT__ in your Discord yet? 🍯

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Main points of my previous article:

                        COSMETIC or UTILITY NFTs?
                        BOT USAGE
                        FAQs / MORE INFO
                        FEEDBACK / IDEAS

LISTING PRICE   ($ 100 in your token - frozen!)                


But back to the focus of this post...


I would say that it comes down to these 4 benefits for project owners:

1. Increased engagement in your Discord.
The channel you put our bot in will likely get more chatty thanks to the conversational skills of the bot. Users will come to interact with it to try and win the random prizes (Tokens and NFT drops) so they may hang out a bit more in your other channels too, visit your website/game etc.
            ( example from the @risingstargame server )

2. Additional use cases for your token.
Your Discord users need to have our token $DOOM AND your project token in their wallet or staked in a pool in order to be able to unlock these features of the bot:

- Draw AI-generated images,
- Win our ultra-rare NFTs (Cybergirls)
- Claim the bot random tips (HIVE and HE)

3. You are able to tip your token to your Discord users.
Useful for giveaways and user retention (eg. to welcome new users or to award bug reports).
If you or your mods don't have time for that, don't worry, the bot will do it for you anyway:

4. Karina auto-tips users that engage with her.
33% of the time it will drop your project token,
33% of the time $DOOM, and the remaining 33% it will gift one of the tokens from the partner servers.
If you were to be listed, that will give some visibility to your project/token, since it will be tipped in all listed servers.




@cryptoshots.nft ($DOOM), @risingstar2 (STARBITS), @thgaming (THGAMING), @blockchaingaming (@wagginston ), @hiq.magazine (INK), @lolz.alive (LOLZ), @enginewitty (PIMP)

+   @hiveio (HIVE) -- launching any day now in the Hive official Discord   🔥



If you don't believe me...   👀






  • "We don't have $100 to spare at the moment for the listing fee. This bear market is brutal."
    The fee is charged in your project token. And it's frozen for at least 6 months.
    If it's a problem, we can come up with other solutions (advertising, lending resources, etc).


  • "How much of my token should I deposit for tips?"
    Please deposit a small sum into @karina.gpt. Not much since tips are small. When the balance runs out, you get tagged automatically.


  • "So where do we get exposure, just in your discord?"
    No, you get exposure in all servers that integrated our bot (including the Hive official server).
    Your server will appear in the !servers command and it also includes an invite link.
    Fractions of your token get automatically tipped in all Hive servers (33% chance split across all listed projects).

    Users in non-Hive servers could get tipped your token too. If the winner does not have a Hive account they can create it and redeem their prize (partner tokens / our NFT).



  • "Mm, maybe it could get too spammy ?"
    If that's your concern, you can put the bot in a dedicated channel and set a cooldown.




  • "Where can I see it in action?"
    Use !servers in any partner discord to get the full list of all servers that integrated it already. You can start from the #general channel in Crypto Shots server maybe 🙂
    Or in Rising Star and The Man Cave.


  • "What's the command for people to get instructions?"       !commands


  • "What if my Hive project/server does not have a token? Can I still add the bot?"

GOOD NEWS!   We now support HIVE tips too!

Hive is added to the pool of tokens that gets tipped. And you can set Hive as your primary token for the staking requirements that unlock the extra features of the bot.




     3 x     F e b r u a r y     C y b e r g i r l s   ! !


  • 1x K_I_A_R_A NFT (February edition)
    How to join:   reblog this post


  • 1x KARINA NFT (February edition)
    How to join:   tag the project owner(s) of a Hive project whose tokens you would like to get listed


  • 1x MARY MARTE NFT (February edition)
    How to join:   follow of our new trail.
                                            auto-vote all our posts


sniper (@keys-defender)
& the Crypto Shots team

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- Dedicated server maintained by @denny0105

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Show us your support!  For example, get our packs,
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This is a great initiative to increase engagement and awareness of Hive projects and the speed at which you are improving and adding to it every day is impressive!

Thanks for the opportunity to include this in Rising Star.

Cheers and rock on \m/

Proud to have you listed 😎💪

We enjoy being able to tip $THGAMING tokens.


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Yeah @slothlydoesit I read you already applied but I really want to enter the draft for the neft :-P

I’ll need to chase up psycho, see what we can come up with! Having tried the bot in the crypto shots and thgaming rooms I’m keen to get involved!

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3rd person following the trail, Tagging @slothbuzz, finger out sloth, chase up those DMs!

nd I'll reblog, hopefully more projects get involved!

I wonder if @psyberx might like this in their server?
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I'm interested in this, but I only have a token that can be staked. I don't have interest earning, community tag, or Hive (blockchain) tipping ability code for it yet.

Can you guys handle all of that while setting this up (for an additional fee, if necessary), or will I need to get that done first from another party?

Yes, if we were to accept your application it would be handled. What's your project?

KOG. It's a token I want guilds in my coalition (Kingdom of Glory) to earn.

Ah, so somewhat similar to @thgaming ?
It seems like you guys are pretty in the early days. Good luck!

Maybe. I haven't looked into that. We are in the early days, but it's long overdue, lol.

Can we move this discussion to discord and get into detail about time and cost to get this launched?