Three takeaways for building a recession proof portfolio

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I just watched the video below.

Here are the three key ideas.

  1. Buy low sell high, and the energy sector seems to be a suitable candidate for buying low.

  2. Risk and reward asymmetry. Don’t forget the downside risk while we think of the potential profits.

  3. Recession in the horizon. Be ready to know what to buy to scoop up cheap assets.


I really was able to learn a lot in this and I will even be applying them for Forex trading

That's great! Wish you well!

Reblogged to watch later!

Loving these types of stuff you share! Short and fucking informative. (Not refferring to video though xD)

Glad you like it!

I think those are some nice things to consider. The video is quite interesting though. I never really heard that view on lead/coal before.

Glad you enjoyed it!

A very nice technique. We all want to buy low and sell high but the truth is many times the market goes down after we buy. Anyway thanks for the nice trick here.