3Speak: Building a Decentralized Media Platform on Hive

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3Speak: Hive platform is one of my favorite platform where I spend a lot of time.

Here is a detailed summary article about the key topics discussed in this highlights video with excerpts from Episode 98 of the Community Token Talk Podcast:

Hive as a Digital Cooperative and Shared Responsibility

The hosts, TheyCallMeDan and Starkerz, begin by discussing the idea of Hive being a digital cooperative, where all community members have a shared responsibility to contribute to its success. They emphasize that it's not enough to simply complain about issues - as owners of Hive, the community must take an active role in improving the platform. The hosts argue that blaming external factors like the crypto media or Elon Musk are just excuses, and that the community needs to "pull up their pants" and work to succeed despite the challenges.

The State of the 3Speak App

The conversation then turns to the 3Speak app, which is built on the Hive blockchain. The hosts acknowledge that 3Speak has had its fair share of bugs and issues, and that it has not been a primary focus for their development team, who have been focused on building out the backend infrastructure. However, they note that 3Speak is open-source, and that anyone with the technical skills could fork the project, work on improving it, and develop a better front-end experience. The hosts express frustration that in the three years since 3Speak was released, no one in the community has stepped up to take on this task.

Upcoming Improvements to 3Speak

The hosts then provide an update on their own plans for improving 3Speak. They reveal that they have been working on a refactored version of the app over the past year, which will be significantly more stable and feature-rich. This new version is expected to be released in the coming months, with one developer now dedicated solely to the project. The hosts emphasize that their key focus is on decentralizing the infrastructure, making 3Speak the first video app with a truly decentralized backend.

Hive's Broader Infrastructure Development

Beyond 3Speak, the hosts discuss the broader infrastructure development happening on the Hive blockchain. They mention that the Hive testnet and SPK Network are progressing well, with documentation available on how to set up storage nodes and validator nodes. The hosts are excited about the potential of this decentralized infrastructure, which they believe will have implications for all content apps in the future, allowing communities to run their own infrastructure and incentivize participation.

The Importance of Hive's Success

In closing, the hosts reiterate their belief in the importance of Hive's success, stating that they genuinely believe Hive is necessary to achieve some form of "free existence" in the future. They acknowledge that if Hive were to fail, the hosts and the broader community would be in a "real shitty situation" as well. This underscores the shared responsibility and high stakes involved in the Hive project.

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