The Ghost of My Dogecoin Past with Dogechain

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A typical custodial wallet but not exactly a custodial wallet as it allows you to export your private keys. Four years ago I decided to give Dogecoin a try. Now, fast forward to 2021 I am finally back where my little adventure with Dogecoin and Dogechain started. Those where the good times when Doge is basically worthless. We love the freedom of transferring Doge every 3 to 5 minutes.


For cryptocurrency veterans the idea of maintaining an online wallet is just a question of obfuscation. The concept that you can throw off those who are tracing your transaction. Sometimes you want them to think that you are doing it somewhere in a remote location where the servers of the wallet is located.


True enough they are wallets that are just simple text files which follows a JavaScript object form which is a little bit nerdy but more readable than XML. You cannot complain about reading something with too much information. Well if this is too much for you then you are indeed in the right place as it handles most of the complexities that goes with the Dogecoin transaction if there are any in this universe.


In case you are yearning for some short tour of the paper wallet redemption form, this is it. It is a simple form to get it over and done with in a few seconds or less.


A tour is not a tour if all we do is take shortcuts.


Now I am signing in my online Dogecoin wallet. Let us see some nerdy action in action.


Something is happening although we know that this is put in place to entertain the account owner. Hypnotize you into submission is the name of the game.


The hypnotic effect is satisfying. Right now it is implying that we are half way through the Dogecoin zone.


I was one of those who doubted this coin a couple of years ago. I should have rooted for the underdog(e). Sadly I was a victim of my ignorance to the mighty powers of Shiba Inu. I should have held on to it and traded it at 2500 Philippine peso or even more. I wonder how this is even possible. I have a sizeable amount of Doge but I guess I belittled the wrong coin. I doubted the wrong Inu(dog).


These are the records of my past transactions. It has been haunting me even in my dreams. I really hate myself for letting it go for some few cheap candies. Shiba Inu is indeed the most powerful Doge of them all as it smashes all expectations with a 1000 to 10000 fold rise from its normal price range.


Take a closer look at some missed opportunities but this also means that fiat currencies are in shambles as it struggles to keep up with Doge. We are in for some dramatic dip of a lifetime. Losing to the almighty Doge. Most of us doubted it and we paid a steep price for betting against it. The most laughed at cryptocurrency is now laughing at us.

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