Targeted Ads have become so intelligent and can even read my mind

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💀 creepy OR 🤑 convenient❓

I know we all are at least somewhat aware of the fact that ads know everything about us. It used to be we all got the same ads on tv and then maybe saw a billboard or an advertisement in the newspaper. Back then, things were more generalized and people would find it a lot easier to say no to products. Things are far different in 2023.

Now there are ads on the most popular applications that nearly everybody is using. Not only are there ads, but they specifically cater to your wants and needs. Sometimes even, you are made aware of something that even YOU did not know that you desired. Yes, I am indeed hinting that ads can possibly read our minds.

A lot of people are not okay with this invasion of privacy, although the majority of the time we do indeed submit to these types of practices when we sign the terms of service and privacy policy for an application. I think there will always be an odd feeling surrounding the idea of someone else knowing you as well as you do, or perhaps even better. Especially when a lot of the time now, that someone is indeed an AI of sorts.

Although there is a camp of people who do not appreciate targeted ads, there are also many such as me that realize how beneficial this can be to our lives. Sure, we are now more tempted than ever to spend money, but isn't that what makes an economy successful? If you can develop self-control, you have the ability to say no to anything. It doesn't matter how well the ads target you, it is ultimately up to you to do the clicking and purchasing.

I can't tell you how many times I've been shown an ad somewhere such as Facebook and then ended up buying the item. I am not the type to waste money, so I'm not just falling for every little thing. I do however often find some things extremely useful or desirable and it is really nice to not have to construct a complicated Google search and then sift through all of the results. I much prefer letting an algorithm get to know me and display what I will find most intriguing.

Our devices are listening to us, they hear everything. If you talk about a certain product, you can bet that you'll be getting ads for that same thing less than 24 hours later. I'm not joking at all when I say this, but I even get ads for things that I've only thought about inside of my head. No searches online, no conversations in public, yet still somehow the exact thing that I was picturing shows up in ad form. That phenomenon is really hard for me to explain. Do I have uncontrollable foresight and am able to predict my future? Or are these systems somehow able to read our brain waves and determine what it is we are thinking?

The two ad images in the thumbnail image of this post are perfect examples of very specific targeted ads. I love sweet smells and cannot resist the taste of cinnamon. The algorithm knows this and made sure to show me this insanely unique Wafflecone cologne. I of course clicked on the ad right away since I had never seen anything like it. I haven't purchased it yet, but I've considered doing so several times already.

The same goes for the Starbucks ad. I haven't drunk coffee in over a year, so you'd think the algorithm would not waste its time showing me coffee. That is not so. They know me so well that they showed me the only possible drink that would ever get me into the idea of drinking coffee again. Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew. That's a mouthful and quite the delicious one at that. Nitro Cold Brews were always my go-to drink at Starbucks. Cinnamon, as I mentioned before, is one of my favorite flavors in the entire world. Although I have yet to go try this drink, I now have a strong desire to do so.

I'm curious to know if you too are plagued (or blessed) with ads that know exactly what you want in life. I'm sure the answer is yes, but we probably all realize what's going on to a different degree. I stay fully aware of these types of things and it keeps getting better and better at what it does each year. I no longer am annoyed by ads, but instead curious to see what I will be shown next.

I'm on the side that is okay with and even enjoys targeted ads. Yes, I know that means someone has a bunch of information about me on some database. Most likely, that will never affect me in a negative way. If it does, at least I was shown hundreds if not thousands of products that I never knew I would love.

Comment below with your thoughts on this subject.


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Haha, funny, we noticed the same thing and actually spoke about this yesterday when my boyfriend noticed an add for a car key as we only have one and still need to figure out where to make a copy. He said "they read my mind!" lol.

If you can develop self-control, you have the ability to say no to anything. It doesn't matter how well the ads target you, it is ultimately up to you to do the clicking and purchasing.

That's it, you can be presented with the best things you love, for example food. If I'm not hungry I won't fall for someone offering me something I really really love. I may crave it tomorrow immediately if I said no today, when I'm hungry tomorrow, yes. But I won't say yes now if I don't feel hungry. Simple example..

Our devices are listening to us, they hear everything. If you talk about a certain product, you can bet that you'll be getting ads for that same thing less than 24 hours later.

Absolutely true, noticed this a few years ago probably, and now I've been even more aware as it happens more and more.

I'm curious to know if you too are plagued (or blessed) with ads that know exactly what you want in life.

Yes! Add to that the number of times that Instagram showed me something VERY useful that I also went online to look for reviews and considered buying it. I'm all for efficiency and that goes for products with good function too. I HATE the crap they overall sell at the local Chinese markets as they call them here. Many products just won't last, yes they are usually cheaper but I rather pay a bit more (when I can) to have it last longer.

I did buy a lot there as we didn't have a car and that was the easiest way to get an item, but a few weeks with a car showed me I can do better now. Yay :)

Cool post again @daltono!


From where I am grocery shopping for customers all of the time now, I am getting ads for their products since I have to scan each item when I find it. My camera thinks that it is me that is interested in say "adult diapers". My ads are starting to get confused.

LOL, that's actually funny, but I can imagine a bit annoying as well.

Talking about targeted ads reading our minds, guess what just happened? My boyfriend hates hates hates the current holder for his phone in this car because it just won't stay up well like it did with our old car and we didn't speak about it today but we did yesterday in the car (see another 24 hours lol) and today my phone showed an add of a magnetic holder.

AI offering solutions :) lol (boyfriend said he thinks it won't stick to the dashboard though) but still, good try AI, try harder now!

There’s a prime example of how it happens.
I can personally recommend this magnetic holder. I have had it for many months and the magnetic is extremely strong.

ESR Magnetic Wireless Car Mount Charger (HaloLock), Compatible with MagSafe Car Charger, Air Vent Car Phone Holder for iPhone 14/13/12

Thanks, passed on the info!

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Now I understand why they often show me ads like "penis enlargement" because I constantly watch fast, sporty red cars on the internet, right?

Oh shit, I like your sense of humor. You are going to have to get yourself a cock sleeve it sounds like. Don't want to disappoint any ladies in your future 😜

WOW! Thank you for the link :)

Yeah, it's a little freaky. What's worse is when it predicts a google search before you have even typed it!🤯

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Freaky, yet convenient as hell at times. I’m willing to accept a bit of privacy intrusion if it means making my life easier. I don’t wanna show them every detail of my life though.

Laughs I bet they be spying on us through the cameras on our mobile phones and laptops!!

Conspiracy conspiracy oh where will it end 😂😂😎

That’s quite literally exactly what’s happening. I don’t even have to talk about something, but if my phone’s camera sees it I start getting ads for it.

I have noticed the ads and it is slightly annoying to me. Not because they are showing me things I may be interested in, but more because I know myself well and will probably fall into the trap that has been set lol. It is interesting though, to 'speak something into existence'.

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It does often feel like a trap. If you don't have the ultimate level of self-control, then more than likely they are going to get you to buy something.

hahaaa....more than once I've said damn, they juked me again.

To give these personalized ads a vote of confidence, I will say that at least they are in line with our tastes.

Not so with a generic ad (like the ones they put on TV) since these lead us to be equal to each other, I mean, zero diversity.

Fun fact: In Cuba, no ads appear while we use YouTube or Twitter, for example. I can only see them if I connect to a VPN and they are quite generic.

I did not know that about Cuba, that must be nice to never have to pay additional fees for ad-free services.

It's not really that good...I mean, no ads because we can't afford to pay for them. In Cuba we do not have credit or debit cards such as VISA or Mastercard, nor access to international banks.

I imagine that advertisers know that and are not willing to pay to have their ads shown to an audience that will never be able to buy from them.

Oh wow. That does sound like it may be more of a difficulty than a luxury.

That's for sure.

I have never taken my time to notice this. So you mean if we search something on Google, we are likely to get the ads of the solution to the problem? That is quite interesting

That is precisely what I mean. I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet. Pay attention and I'm sure you'll begin to see it happen.

I often watch YouTube videos while I wash dishes. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten an ad for dish soap, meaning my phone’s camera is watching me.

I am surrounded by advertising, needless to say that I receive a lot of them especially by mail.
However, I appreciate the fact that many are targeted, I don't mind advertising if it shows me something that I really would like to buy and that I may buy in the future.

Of course you shouldn't get carried away otherwise you risk spending a lot eh eh!

In any case they say that advertising is the soul of commerce and in my opinion it is true!

I'm lucky that I don't get bombarded with ads through the mail. I

Ads make are one of the main encouragers of spending.

Indeed yes, they make a lot of fun for you in the work you are doing with instacart; if you think about it, advertisements for good offers push people to buy and therefore to call you!😉💪

You’re right. When people are introduced to new things at the store, I very well could be the one purchasing the item for them.

i don't know about ads, but way too much spam emails! i guess the only way to avoid stuff like that would be to not even do email or go online or do anything really. :P

I never check my spam folder on my email, but I know it is overflowing at this point.

welcome to web3 and AI

There's no getting away from it at this point.

Thanks for new information ✨👌👍You are the best of them all! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.



Yes, I think so too, you get ads displayed just thinking about it. If that's not the case today, then that's the future. Great post!

I wish I knew how they do it.

they are using your cache and date you search on the internet.

That part I understand. But I'm more curious about how they determine what we are going to think. Perhaps our data history gives them enough indication of how we will think.

Something we talk about thing and only our sell phone is there and the net is turned on. when you visit google or facebook, you get the add related to the things you were talking about. This is how the technology got advance.