New ACTIVE Hive Accounts By dApp and Type of Operation | How are the new accounts engaging on the Hive blockchain?

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I have been doing a report on new Hive accounts before and basically looking into who is creating the new accounts.

Some info on the number of accounts that started posting was provided as well.

The thing is Hive is evolving and we are seeing gaming is taking a larger part of the activity here.


Since Hive is evolving and gaming is taking a much larger part of it, it would be interesting to see what these new accounts are doing.

How many of them are gaming, how many postings, or maybe both?
Which dApp they used for their first post?, PeakD, Ecency or maybe some of the other interfaces like LeoFinance?

What if they didn’t post at all? What share of the accounts started gaming only? Maybe they joined to paly Splinterlands, or CryptoBrewMaster, or some of the other Hive games?

There has been analysis before for the new accounts and from where they come from in terms of blogging. But looking at the other aspects of Hive, like gaming not as much. Especially for ACTIVE accounts.

Let’s take a look!

We will be looking into the following:

  • Number of accounts created
  • Who created the accounts
  • Type of operations made by the new accounts
  • Frontends for the tew accounts that started posting

The period analyzed here will be from August 1st till September 15th.

Number of accounts created

Here is the chart for the overall accounts created in the period.


A total of 9,729 Hive accounts were created in the period.

The daily average is around 211 accounts.

We can see some spikes in the beginning of September with more than 900 accounts created per day and later on September 14, again a spike with more than 600 accounts created in a day.

Who created the accounts?

Below is a chart for the account creators.


3Speak is the no.1 creator of accounts in the period with 24% share. @splinterlands is no.2 creator of accounts in the period with 20% share. The @postpromoter account is also creating accounts for Splinterlands, so if we combine this two, Splinterlands will actually come on top.

Oracle-d is on the third place with 16.9%. Not sure if they are connected with 3Speak in some way.
Tipu is on the third place with 10% share. Tipu is creating accounts for
Esteemapp, or @ecency is on the fourth place with 9.2%.

These four are the main creators on accounts in the period.

What are the new active accounts doing on the blockchain?

As mentioned above, posting is no longer the only option on the blockchain. The new accounts can play various games on Hive as well, without engaging in posting at all.

Here are type of operations the new accounts have made.


As we can see most of the new accounts have made custom jsons opeartaions. More than 5100 accounts. The custom json operation is used by games. What this tells us is that most of the new accounts have joined Hive for gaming. Its in correlation with the number of new accounts that were created, especially from Splinterlands.

Around 4200 accounts from the 9700 didn’t made any action on the blockchain.

The number of accounts that started posting is 1748, and its much less than the 5100 that made a custom json operation. 755 of the new accounts did some transferring of funds around.

Interesting only 262 of the new accounts started voting/curating on the blockchain. If we compare this to the 1748 accounts that started posting, the number is much smaller. Meaning more accounts are coming in for the author rewards, then the curation rewards.

There is some overlapping in the activities from the new accounts presented above.
For example, a new account can make a custom json transaction (gaming) and post as well. Maybe do some curating and transfer funds around.

Here is the chart summarizing the new accounts by the combination of operation they have made.


The not active accounts come on the top here.

Next are accounts that made only custom json operations, confirming the fact that gaming is now bringing more users than blogging.

The next category is accounts that made posts and gaming operation as well. These accounts joined, did some gaming and most likely posted about it. What a great combination!

The number of accounts that did only posting is 210, out of the 9729 new accounts created in the period. Its number 6 on the chart above.

What frontends did the new accounts used for posting?

Here is the chart.

06.png comes on the top here, followed by PeakD and Ecency. 3Speak is next, Actifit and the new app Dapplr.

I’m a bit surprised by the lead of here. I was thinking that they will be equal at least in the number of new accounts that used them to post for the first time. At least the number of overall active users is evenly distributed between these two.

From the game’s category Splinterlands is absolutely dominant with majority of the new active accounts started playing the game. From the other games that bring new users to Hive, the CryptoBrewMaster game is showing some numbers as well. Still modest but they are at the beginning.

The overall conclusion from the above is that new influx of users is coming more from the gaming category than blogging. Splinterlands is dominant in the gaming sector and with these with the overall onboarding of new active users on Hive.

Its not an accident that @dappradar recently reported that Hive has overtook EOS and now is no.1 blockchain for gaming.

There is significant number of new active accounts that started gaming and blogging at the same time. This is a very attractive aspect of the Hive blockchain. We all know gaming is huge on social media. Looks like Hive is heading this way.

All the best

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Isnt it is a worry most of the account activity related with gaming. Nothing to do with the posting ,and curation....ight be slowly it turns out to be a platform for gamers.

I dont think blogging is going away soon :)

But we just need a top app for that to take it to the next level. Also not totaly sure about our rewarding system anymore :) Will do a post on that probably soon

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Interesting. What's the correlation between front end and who onboarded? Presumably 3speak is bringing people to 3speak (but maybe they end up starting with text even if they joined for video?) and as far as I know all of @splinterlands limited links are through peakd, where are people starting to end on

it is interesting that 3speak is on top on acc creation but only 77 of them posted on 3speak. there is probably no way to check are all those accounts are using 3speak as consumers, and just watch and don't even vote.

Thanks for this report @dalz. These numbers are outstanding. It is great to see you break things down in this manner.

I think the most telling stat is the roughly 10% of gaming and post. If Hive can achieve a 10% rate of users joining for gaming and then using the other DApps, that will be outstanding.

These overall numbers do prove that people are coming to Hive for gaming. I would be curious what CBM added. You mentioned the numbers are low since they are just getting started.

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Hey ... CBM is around 350, although cant tell how many of them exclusive :)

there is a possibility that many users who only play Splinterlands are unaware of the applications offered by the blockchain.

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Always a pleasure to check the stats you post. Thanks for producing them!

Thanks for the nice words!

Wow nice statistics thanks, just what I was looking for. Really wondered how and are people active when they sign up