Rabona Stats | A Look At The Football/Soccer Manager Game On Hive | Apr 2022

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Hive has its own football (European) or soccer (American) game. It has been around for a while now, starting from September 2020. For the whole time the game seems to be in the background, slowly but surely improving the design and the tokenomics.

You buy in the starter pack, and then just adjust your team and formation. The games “play” the matches for you, simulating them against the other players. One season lasts for around seven days and if you are on the top of the table you advance to the next level league. If you are in the bottom three you drop of to lower league.


The game has its own in game token RBN, that is earned/spend with each game. Earnings comes from selling tickets, shirts, fan material etc. Also, with selling players. You spend RBN on players salaries, stadium maintenance, buying players etc. You need to balance out your costs with your income to stay profitable. Meaning nice ticket sales and not too much player salaries.

Here we will be looking at:

  • Active daily players [DAU]
  • Active players per month [MAU]
  • Daily number of operations
  • Most frequent operations
  • Training
  • Scouting

The period that we will be looking at is from September 2020 to April 2022.

Active Daily Players [DAU]

Here is the chart for the numbers of active daily players.


As we can notice there is some activities in the beginning of September, most likely some testing, but the game really started at the end of the month around September 25th.
There seems to be some excitement at first, but then a slow decrease until August 2021. Then we can see some uptrend again and now we are around 200 DAUs, around the same as it started.
Overall, quite a steady number of DAUs for the game.

The numbers are quite stable in the period.

Monthly Active Players [MAU]

Since this game is a semi idle game, there can be some players that are not active each day but come around from time to time. The numbers of the monthly active players might gives a better representation. Here it is.


Some similar trend as for the DAUs, but just a bit larger numbers. In the last months we have between 300 to 350 monthly active players.


What is the number of transactions made per day?
Here is the chart.


Quite a volatile chart here with a lot of oscillations. But it seems there is an uptrend. In the last period on average there is around 2300 transactions per day.

Top Operations

Here is the chart for the top operations made by players


Scouting players is on the top by a lot in March 2022. The look for new players is the most attractive thing in the game. On the second spot is the formation setting and then the training.

Who is scouting the most?

Here is the chart.


@shawnkhor is on the top here, with a massive 22k scouting activities. @valentinorossi1 is on the second spot.

What type of training activities are the players making?

Here is the chart.


Endurance is the most trained activity, followed by 4231 formation.

RBN Token

The game has its token, but for the time being there is quite low volume and liquidity on it.



Overall, quite a steady year for the game with 200 daily active player and 300 per month. The players have been scouting as their top activity, while training endurance the most. Some of the top players have been scouting players in the number of thousands.

All the best

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Very solid stats here for Rabona game. It's an awesome game and its building up in terms of acceptance and engagement.

300-350 MAU is decent and we things double or triple when the next phase of development comes live.

Next time maybe you'll cover the movements of the RBN tokens as per supply, burnt and ors.

Also add #sportstalk tag to every Rabona stats.


@Rabona, @mciszczon and @uwelang needs to see this.

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Rabona has so much potential.

Hive is perfect for a football manager game like Rabona to succeed.

Good to see these stats show that the game is at least maintaining interest over time.

Unfortunately I just can't make money playing the game myself, haha...

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Rabona looks like a fun game for folks who love football a lot.

It makes me remember those guy who like talking about why a team shouldn't have bought or sold a particular player during leagues

This game would give them the best avenue to put their intuition into action and see if they have what it takes to drag coaches around with how they choose to run their teams... No offense... Lol

Test your skilz 😀

Hahaha... I don't know how to play football related games ... It's a pity for me 🥺

I heard about Rabona before. It's a football game on Blockchain. It's looks interesting !

Jamás lo había escuchado, quiero probar a ver que tal.

Great Post!


I currently play the game, though I'm not an active player,but it's one of the games to watch on Hive.

It's fun 😊

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Great infographics and for me getting some insight into the training activities is giving me some info on where I should maybe focus my team training. Besides that, I hoped for more development on the game and for Rabona token to strengthen up as new use cases are added to it. But at the moment is standing a little bit still...

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Its taking a while :)

Nice article about the game Rabona and I believe it will be very interesting and am gonna play it

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Overall, quite a steady year for the game with 200 daily active player and 300 per month.

200 is approximately the population of the village, in wbhich I currently live in. This is like as if the entire village would play this game.

It would be nice when a whole town plays the game someday.

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It is really nice knowing about Rabona

Wow, 22k scouting players by one team. 😮

Yea that guy is a champ