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Greetings, Hive!

I go by the name Damian and I am a writer, an intern front-end web developer, and a student civil engineer. On my days off, I like to create rap music , produce videos with my phone , and contemplate the existentialist idea that our lives are fleeting and ultimately inconsequential.


In 2021, a close friend introduced me to blockchain technology and decentralized finance, which sparked a positive change in my life. I was fascinated by the concept of a free and non-centralized digital ecosystem, and subsequently became a freelance blockchain/DeFi writer, working with crypto startups through platforms like and about a year later i served a writing position at

Initially, I was hesitant to delve into coding as I had always believed my only strength was in writing. However, after reluctantly giving it a try a few months ago, I realized that I had underestimated myself. Writing code has now become one of my favorite things to do, and I am even planning on building my own blog.


I first learned about the HIVE blockchain from an acquaintance, @malopie. Although I was initially unsure, his unwavering enthusiasm convinced me to explore the HIVE ecosystem, and I was naturally captivated by all it had to offer. After all, who wouldn't be?

The HIVE ecosystem incorporates blockchain technology, web 3.0, DeFi, community governance, and much more. As a blockchain/DeFi enthusiast, it would be remiss of me to pass up an opportunity to learn, grow, network, and make an impact on an emerging blockchain technology like HIVE.


I am thrilled to be a part of this monumental community and look forward to evolving with it!


¡Saludos, Hive!

Mi nombre es Damian y soy escritor, desarrollador web front-end en prácticas y estudiante de ingeniería civil. En mis días libres, me gusta crear música rap, producir videos con mi teléfono y contemplar la idea existencialista de que nuestras vidas son fugaces y, en última instancia, inconsecuentes.


En 2021, un amigo cercano me presentó la tecnología blockchain y las finanzas descentralizadas, lo que provocó un cambio positivo en mi vida. Me fascinó el concepto de un ecosistema digital gratuito y no centralizado, y posteriormente me convertí en escritor freelance de blockchain/DeFi, trabajando con startups de criptomonedas a través de plataformas como y, aproximadamente un año después, ocupé un puesto de escritor en

Inicialmente, dudé en adentrarme en la programación porque siempre había creído que mi única fortaleza estaba en la escritura. Sin embargo, después de darle una oportunidad a regañadientes hace unos meses, me di cuenta de que me había subestimado. Escribir código se ha convertido ahora en una de mis cosas favoritas y, incluso, estoy planeando construir mi propio blog.


Conocí por primera vez la cadena de bloques HIVE a través de un conocido, @malopie. Aunque al principio estaba inseguro, su entusiasmo inquebrantable me convenció para explorar el ecosistema HIVE, y naturalmente quedé cautivado por todo lo que ofrecía. Después de todo, ¿quién no lo estaría?

El ecosistema HIVE incorpora tecnología blockchain, web 3.0, DeFi, gobernanza comunitaria y mucho más. Como entusiasta de blockchain/DeFi, sería un error dejar pasar la oportunidad de aprender, crecer, hacer contactos y tener un impacto en una tecnología blockchain emergente como HIVE.


¡Estoy emocionado de ser parte de esta monumental comunidad y espero evolucionar con ella!

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Welcome to Hive, Damian! It's good that you finally gave in to your friend, Malopie and came aboard 😅

Enjoy your journey and look forward to reading more from you.

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm excited to be a part of the Hive community and share my thoughts and ideas with everyone here

Thanks again for the kind words and support, and I hope to contribute meaningful content that everyone can enjoy.

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You are a smart one, I mean, look at how you've figured it all out in a flash, welcome to Hive Blockchain and Leofinance.

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Hive Blockchain and Leofinance communities! As someone who is passionate about exploring new technologies and platforms, I'm excited to learn more about the innovative features and opportunities that these communities have to offer.

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Welcome do Hive, Damian! 🙌🏻
Have a good start and a

Thank you for the warm welcome and the !BEER! I'm excited to be a part of the Hive community and looking forward to exploring all that it has to offer.

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And that is A LOT, what Hive has to offer. At least that is my experience so far. May it be Gaming, Finance/DeFi or the core blogging use case.

Getting a very ChatGPT feeling here...

Thanks Brian for the observation! I'll definitely try out ChatGPT now that you mentioned it twice.😂

PS: I am not a bot.

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😎 that's exactly what I'd program my bot to say. But you get an upvote!

I greatly respect how you handled this, Brian. 😊

And you will get less inconspicuous ChatGPT replies in the future!

Thanks 😂❤️

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Congratulations and welcome to Hive @damianmoment!

You are definitely in the right space! Check out Programming & Dev and HiveDevs where you can connect with fellow programmers and developer and share or learn knowledge from each other. You can also check out our different Communities and see what interests you.

To help you on your journey here, you can read How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain or check out some resources in newbies-guide. Also, engaging with the community makes it much easier to build your network and gain support. And lastly, Plagiarism and any form of abuse is considered a serious offense. Navigating here on Hive can be somewhat tricky so make sure to check out the things mentioned above.

This is @indayclara from the @ocd team and we wish you all the best!

Its good to have you here Damian. I hope get the drips you look forward on Hive.
Have fun!

Thanks for the warm welcome. @mrenglish

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Hey hey damianmoment, you're very much welcome. Finding your way around should be a walk over for you as you already have a lot of background knowledge.

If you do need any help, don't hesitate to ask. There are many people who are willing to assist.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Hive. Cheers to more wins🥂

Thank you for the warm welcome and compliment @wongi
I aim to maximize my time here on HIVE so it'd definitely be an enjoyable ride.
Cheers 🥂

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It would be a great time indeed

Have fun ✨

Thanks for joining. We specially welcome you and ask that you explore morw to make the best out of the blockchain.

Thanks for the warm welcome buddy.I certainly aim to maximize my experience on here!

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Welcome to Hive, Damian! You have a skillset that's going to perform exceptionally well here, and you certainly picked up the vibe very quickly, going by your quick-witted replies in the comments. I hope you have a great ride here and get a lot out of Hive, and I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing things that you'll bring here over time. 😊

If you’ve enjoyed the content of this comment, the compliment, are feeling down and need a shoulder to lean on, would like to make someone’s day a bit better, or found an interesting post you’d like to share that you believe deserves a compliment, please join the FreeCompliments community. We welcome everyone with open arms. :)

You created an account just to compliment me?🥺
Thanks buddy!😂❤️
You've got one of the best Initiatives I've seen on here.The world is on a never ending rollercoaster of shit shows and everyone could certainly do with a compliment!

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Haha, I've had this account for a while (even outside of this platform). It's honestly made to compliment a heck of a lot of people, and I'm happy to have as many people join this initiative as possible, because I'm just one little dude on this big ol' planet.

The world is on a never ending rollercoaster of shit shows and everyone could certainly do with a compliment!

This is exactly what sparked the idea when I thought of it 10 odd years ago!

Really eager to witness the growth of the free compliments initiative.
Follow me into the future: you're a multi-billion dollar community that thrived on the motto -

The world is on a never ending rollercoaster of shit shows and everyone could certainly do with a compliment!

Really eager buddy! Really eager!

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Love it! Let's build. Indeed, I'm posting some more ideas on the community page momentarily!

Welcome to hive blockchain a new world in web3 where your content has value ,There are some information that you need to know as you navigate this new world:

  • Exploring communities on hive Ours is @airhawk-project Programed for supporting authors
  • Explore other communities with for all communities on hive
  • Another tips and information a Hive newbie needs can be found by, click here: newbie guide.
    One important aspect to note is Hive is not like your conventional other social media platforms since your contents are monetized . You can't include content that you don't own without sources (plagiarism). For Guildlines, check this post: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise.
  • Another area you should be aware of to monitize your account is Hive-engie. Hive-Engine is a smart contract platform on top of the Hive blockchain. It allows communities and businesses to build their own tokens, which are then built on top of the technology provided by Hive. This is the ultimate layer 2 solution. The token created on Hive-Engine is then immediately tradable with Hive on hive engine exchange. Learn how to use Hive-engine dex Here
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You can Check your reward using this link below

Happy blogging.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the subsequent advice buddy. I will definitely heed to good ones!

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¡Bienvenido a la comunidad Hive @damianmoment!
Esperamos sinceramente que encuentres todo lo que buscas y encuentres un nuevo hogar aquí.

Aquí hay siete sugerencias a considerar:

  1. Proteja sus contraseñas cuidadosamente y solo publique con Clave de publicación,
  2. Use su clave activa solo para transacciones de billetera, llavero, Peaklock y Hivesigner,
  3. La contraseña maestra y la clave de propietario solo se utilizan para restablecer contraseñas comprometidas.
  4. No pierdas tus contraseñas; copiar y almacenar sin conexión,
  5. No publiques el trabajo de otras personas, ya sea fotografiado o escrito, sin atribución, y asegúrate de obtener todo tu trabajo, incluso si es tuyo.
  6. La etiqueta Preséntate a ti mismo se usa solo una vez y
  7. No abras enlaces en notas o comentarios que no sepas a quién pertenecen. Si suena demasiado bueno para ser verdad, probablemente lo sea, dice el viejo refrán. Aquí no hay nada gratis.

Te encontré porque @brittandjosie y @jamerussell de @heyhaveyamet presentaron y promocionaron tu publicación para ganar más visibilidad y ayudarte a crecer más rápido.

Si se siente abrumado y necesita orientación o tiene alguna pregunta, los expertos de Hivi están disponibles para ayudarlo; Puede hacer clic aquí para ir a Terminal en Discord:

¡Diviértete y feliz Hiving!

Welcome aboard! Even if our lives are inconsequential on some universal cosmic scale, I prefer to focus on what meaning and joy I can find while I experience it. I'll delegate some resource credits to help you comment and post more often while you get started. The best way to build a good audience is to be a good audience for others, so create conversations!

Be sure to write down your keys and keep them somewhere safe. Here is another writer's overview of which keys do what. Beware of scammers who promise quick riches or mystery airdrops, and don't enter your keys anywhere carelessly.

The HIVE community tends to be welcoming, but rewards may drop off after your introduction. Persevere! The path to success is not always fast and easy. Avoid plagiarism and spam in your posts. You'll make progress in due time. Here's a great post from another blogger with some helpful advice, too.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I don't have all the answers, but I am glad to help if I can.

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HIVE | PeakD | Ecency

Thank you for the warm welcome and advice. Grateful for the resource credits as well.

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