Blockchain technology is a reliable multitasker

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The term 'multitasking' is not new to those who have been in the computing world. In short, we have used the computing and technological features overtime without even recalling there were times we were faced with limitations. Multitasking can mostly be seen as the concept of doing or operating more than one program at a time. It seems to be a good business yet I must say some multitasking processes have the limitation of reliability.

Just for instance as a Mom, you were meant to prepare a good meal for the family and some laundering service after you return from work. The stress seems already too much right?, so to serve yourself some stress you decided to share the house chores with you two daughters. One has to do the cooking while the other washes. Great way to lift the stress off your shoulder, yet you are bound to be faced with the challenge of reliability to deliver up to standard service. We all know you are the best cook and also the best launderer in the house. That limitation is definitely a breach of efficiency.

Coming back to the inception of blockchain technologyover a decade ago, we have seen how it has outplayed some sectors when it comes to multitasking. For instance, let's start from the banking sector, computing has always been part of its operation system yet the limitation of being centered upon a single authority to manage and verify transactions have always come at a cost.

Speed is a proof of reliable multitasking

The delays from centralized operating bodies just as earlier pointed out by the bank has always proven not to be reliable for smooth and efficient businessing. Having to wait for up to 'two to three working days' as it is often said for a single (especially when huge) transaction to complete its orbit is delayed multitasking.

Despite the different bodies and computing programs put to work, traditional banking systems have always slacked in this direction. Of course you know you can move funds within three seconds in the hive chain. How blockchain tech application in the hive chain cuts a three day transaction to three seconds is a better service showing multitasking efficiency.

Blockchain's borderless transaction


The speed at which a transaction is orbited is just one way to showcase blockchain. Another multitasking process of blockchain tech is borderless transactions. More of saying, blockchain technology promotes unlimited speed in the world of transactions. We have always seen how difficult it is to push money around the world, there are several standards you may have to meet to get qualified.

This has always brought limited businesses especially to the underdeveloped areas of the world. The multitasking processes in the first place were slow. You get to reach the bank, fill the necessary forms, the bank checks all details, forwards it to the next in line operation and so on and so forth. The intermediary multitasking was not too reliable. What can you say about moving assets to the outer part of the world with just a computer set and a network connection. How this multitasking ability comes to play has been one of the advantages of decentralization as part of the technology.

Transparency in multitasking

So how will you as a Mom know the clothes were not properly laundered or the soup was not properly prepared. You know the family's health is a stake in the process. Did she wash the vegetables properly?, were the utensils properly cleaned? Did she follow your routine cooking procedures? When talking about the area of laundering, did she take time to do the washing, apply the needed detergents and so on? How do you get these details without transparency?.

This has been one of the limitations to traditional and centralized business models. You just don't know how it got to C, we know it's usually A, B and C yet how can you tell. That's why unfair product and service delivery fills the centralized market even as they try the multitasking procedures to meet up. Blockchain tech being open source and immutable helps to keep multitasking processes fair and well accounted for.

By recording every transaction in a secure and decentralized manner, blockchain tech remains traceable, reduces counterfeiting, and improves efficiency in supply chain operations. Big and small companies can utilize blockchain to verify the authenticity of products, ensure legal sourcing practices, and streamline logistics processes. Also looking from the area of fair returns and rewards, we have seen smart contract inception promoting transaction speed, efficiency and transparency when executable orders are made.

To conclude, let me add, multitasking goes beyond ' how many' and ventures into how fast, how far and how fair a system can be when executing transactions and storing data?. Blockchain tech inception has proven to be a leader in reliable multitasking processes. As this technology continues to await the massive adoption and use case, there is a need to take advantage of it soon enough for efficient businessing.

Blockchain tech has emerged to be undisputed with application into several industries always showing an outperforming of the old system. This tech has a multitasking component that is yet to be fully utilized. If a technology can bundle all this features into one, I must say it was meant for advanced tech and we are currently leaving in a world that needs such technology.

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