From Horror to Hope of Rebuilding

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This account is dedicated with the restoration of asset in trust of the HIVE Blockchain’s ability to not only assisting HIVE creative writers, but also to help rebuild a lost capital that this account’s caretakers.

"Dear Investors, we regret to inform you that a recent breach in Multichain has resulted in a loss of capital investment. Specifically, stablecoins DAI and USDC, amounting to $250 USD, stored in the Fantom blockchain wallet have been impacted. The breach is being addressed by Multichain, but we advise affected investors to exercise caution and closely monitor their wallets. We understand the significance of this situation and will continue to provide updates and support. Our team is committed to working diligently to mitigate future risks and ensure the security of your investments. Please reach out to our support team for further assistance."

thanks to for helping us generating this narration for free

Never have we thought that our initial investment during crypto bull in 2022 has resulted a 96% loss of what we all had. Our fund manager who was taking care of our asset had a slip in her attention when there was another downfall of her and this accounts’ caretakers’ forex investment in the time of the multichain breech, resulting the remaining stablecoins we had obtained from LiquidDriver’s Farm previously after the UST fail were compromised.

The one good move she made was when she decided to exchange our interest in FTM manually with peer-to-peer exchange (without using bridges) saved a tiny bit of our investment in Polygon chain, where we are yet to decide what to do next.

However, from her 6 years’ experience with #HIVE (migrated from STEEM) she has offered to help us rebuild our capital along with supporting other writers in this platform.

We hope to stay here long term and be a blessing to others if time and our capital can be rebuilt in time; but right now, we can only wish the best blessing to HIVE and its validators to remain strong and keep this chain and community healthy.

Nothing is certain these days, but we are very impressed with the resilience of HIVE with its track record, and we look forward to see this chain grow more fortified in the years to come.

We appreciate the borrowed HP to help us to rebuild our lost asset and exposing us to creative writing.

Thank you for having us.

AN, KT, KL and MK

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Posted Using InLeo Alpha


After forex downfall, this has been another worse nightmare happened almost simultaneously. July 2023 isn't the best year ever.

Still, someone has got to eat.

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Sorry to hear such a mishap has happened to you.

Marketplace is a nasty area. It is like gambling. Whatever you had is an amount you need to let go.

Fortunately your fund manager is kind enough to try to help you to recover what you have lost.

Take this as an expensive lesson to learn.

@littlenewthings , don't tell me...

It is a very undesired outcome, yes.

Well, it wasn't the best.....

Just make sure that this account can restore quickly for AN, KT, KL and MK

Thanks to everyone's help who are willing to chip in, we hope we can build our own Hive Power fast.

One slice of pizza isn't enough @fusion.lover 😅there's 4 of them.