D.Buzz Features : Mute and UnMute Authors

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D.Buzz Features : Mute and UnMute Authors

Perhaps you are following authors who you need to take a break from, but you don't want to unfriend them or blacklist them. This is where the mute feature comes in handy.

Mutting is a way to remove notifications and the presence of specific posts or authors.

On a user's profile page you can select and mute the author directly. Or when you see a post from someone you wish to mute go to drop-down care on the right-hand side, you'll see an option that says "Mute Author".

You can then add this author to your Mute List.

To unmute an author, go to their specific profile page and select unmute. Or, go to your own profile enter the three dots next to the button that says "edit profile". Here you can select the option to view your must list. Just select the author you wish to remove and click done.

Additional Points :

  • A mute list is a good way to take a break from specific authors without blacklisting them for removing them from your friendless.
  • Follow other people's lists if you wish.
  • You can curate and publish your own list of new authors, for those who wish to follow you.
  • Be careful on who you follow, as any author a place on their lists, will be clocked from you as well.
  • Authors DO NOT receive notification if they are on a Mute List.

D.Buzz Features :

The D.Buzz Features Video series is focused on short videos for all the different features on D.Buzz. These videos are to be used for our community in referencing features and to address "how to" questions.

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Thank you for being part of our community.

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