Auto-Compounding LEO Rewards! | Announcing Meowcurator

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Hello everyone!

You might've seen @meowcurator voting on your LEO posts and comments in the past couple of months. Well, this is the official announcement of it.

What is Meowcurator?

@meowcurator is basically a curation project for LEO. A couple of trusted Hive/LeoFinance users have the ability to curate posts on LeoFinance using @meowcurator's stake. Similar to OCD (and other curation projects) @meowcurator's stake comes from its delegators.

Currently, @meowcurator pays 90% of the incoming LEO rewards from curating good content on LeoFinance to the people who delegated to it. While the 10% is kept for future projects/development. While we (myself and @rishi556, the developers of @meowcurator) did not write an official announcement before, I am happy to say that we have received close to 50k LEO Power delegation and have been operating quite stable for the past few months at this point.

Auto-Compounding LEO Rewards on HIVE!

One of the features that we added to @meowcurator is that you can auto-compound your rewards, helping you earn more and more every day. You might be asking how does it work?

Well, it's simple. Similar to, we created a token called meowLEO (MEOWLEO) whereas, for @meowcurator, 1 meowLEO is equal to 1 LEO. Holders of meowLEO will earn LEO (or meowLEO depending on their choices).


Person A has 1000 LP (LEO Power) and delegated to @meowcurator.
Meowcurator sends Person A 0.5 LEO the next day.
Person A now has 0.5 LEO.
Person A powers up 0.5 LEO.
Person A delegates 0.5 LEO to @meowcurator.
Person A has now delegated 1000.5 LP to @meowcurator.
Meowcurator sends Person A 0.55 LEO the next day.


(numbers are obviously random, it is hard to guess exact rewards.)

It is up to Person A to decide on what to do with 0.5 LEO, they can sell it or power it up and re-delegate to @meowcurator. However, we thought that unless you'd like to sell, this was a tedious process.

Example (with Auto-Compounding):

To enable Auto-Compounding, the users can send 0.001 LEO to @meowcurator with the memo auto (or manual if you'd like to cancel auto-compounding.)

If the user has sent this transaction, their rewards will NOT be paid out as LEO, but instead, powered up to @meowcurator and equivalent meowLEO will be sent to the user.

Person A has 1000 LP (LEO Power) and delegated to @meowcurator.
Person A has 0.5 LEO pending rewards the next day.
Meowcurators powers up 0.5 LEO and sends 0.5 meowLEO to Person A.
Meowcurator sends Person A 0.55 meowLEO the next day. (1000 LP delegation + holding 0.5 meowLEO)

So in other words, by holding meowLEO and/or delegating to @meowcurator you can earn LEO!

Even if you do not like to delegate, you can just purchase meowLEO off Hive-Engine market and HODL it. You will (depending on your selection of manual and auto) receive LEO or meowLEO (default is manual.)

Basically, holding meowLEO acts as if you have delegated LEO Power to @meowcurator!

Teasing the future of @meowcurator.

We're currently working on a system where everyone can use @meowcurator to curate posts, however, your reputation will matter in terms of vote percentage (and even if you can curate it in the first place) of your curation.

The reputation will be dynamic and you'll earn/lose reputation depending on what other @meowcurator users think about you.


That's it!

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Delegated some LEO.
Bought some mewLEO.
I am set for auto.

Let me enjoy my LEOs and mewLEOs and then more LEOs from it. :')

So that I can delegate more LEOs to you! Let's goooo full circle @deathwing & @rishi556. You guys are killing it.

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I only have a few Leo, is it still worth it?

I'd recommend at least delegating 10 LEO (or more) because if you delegate less, there is a huge chance your rewards will be dusted since below 10 LEO can't even vote 0.001 LEO on posts :(

Sounds good, guess it's just sub optimal when considering airdrops and such?

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Yes. In a case where airdrops would be sent to LP holders, meow would receive your airdrop instead. Though we could probably handle this if need be (as in redistributing airdropped tokens we received to meowLEO holders) or in the first place, people who are airdropping tokens can exclude meow and airdrop to meowLEO holders instead.

Ahh yes that's a good work around I guess. Cool project anyway!

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How can I exchange one meowleo to Leo? 1:1

Through the hive-engine market. Later on, we're planning to set up an official "redemption" system as well. meowcurator will send you 1 LEO and burn your 1 meowLEO in exchange.

In cases of meowLEO being cheaper on the market than LEO price (underpriced, basically) you can also arbitrage and buy that (either get rewards or redeem it for LEO later). Since no matter what happens, for meowcurator, 1 meowLEO is worth 1 LEO. For now, we're letting the market decide.

cool! delegated some and send a memo with auto... in theory I should receive meowleo now, no?

Has a redemption system been made yet?

Ah this cool going to keep it on the books for when I leave for a week as I know I wont have time to do curation myself.

This is pretty cool. I've delegated out most of my Hive now, so I guess LEO is next.

So basically @meowleo is an IOU for LEO?

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I wouldn't call it an IOU.

meowLEO is basically a token that @meowcurator believes to be equal to 1 LEO. So if you'd like to receive LEO rewards without delegating, you get meowLEO (holding meowLEO acts as delegation) -- same way how auto-compounding works. By forfeiting your LEO reward per day (that you get from HODLing meowLEO or delegating LEO Power) you get meowLEO, which counts as if you powered up. For 1 meowLEO @meowcurators powers up 1 LEO.

I think the best way to call meowLEO would be some sort of a "receipt token" -- receipt that you own a percentage of LEO rewards from @meowcurator.

OK, I admit I am very confused by this, or I'm just tired and need to sleep. I'll be sure to delegate you some LEO and that will be the best way to try it out :)

Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

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Looking good peeps, this might be something else I venture into

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Delegated 44000 LEO

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If you are going to go in then go in big. Love your style Mr Alfa! :OD

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POGCHAMP lol always crushin it

Flashy! You da man

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I bought one just to see how things play out and to support the project. Keep up the good work.

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I love the idea as it will help all the curators (and the hard work they do).

I'm a little lost in some of the detail about delegation though. I had 2 LEO delegated to @leo.voter and @onealfa.leo. (And thanks for the heads up that anything less than 10 LEO doesn't make much of a difference - I'm still just learning!)

Does this mean I should undelegate @leo.voter and @onealfa.leo, and delegate 10 LEO (or more) to @meowcurator?

I will sort out auto re-investing after I've got the basics sorted :-)

Thank you for the post and information.

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leo.voter rewards users in LEO if they delegate Hive Power. As far as I know, it does not reward users if they are delegating LEO power.

I don't know what onealfa does with his delegations, but I would assume the same with leo.voter.

So in this case, if you would like to earn passive rewards from basically HODLing LEO Power, the right way to do would be to delegate it to @meowcurator (preferably 10 LP or more, as you said) and observing @meowcurator sending you rewards every day.

Ahhh... thank you. So @meowcurator when delegating LEO, and @leo.voter when delegating Hive Power.

Is the best thing to do to split delegation 50:50 between LEO:Hive Power ? Or is one a better option than the other for the LeoFinance & Hive community?

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That is completely up to you to decide. You want LEO? Get more LEO Power. You want HIVE? Get more Hive Power :)

@deathwing I just sent 0.249BNB to your BSC Bridge but it hasn't been converted and hit my account yet. Odd as it's usually pretty instant! Could you have a look, please. Thanks!


Hey there, replied to you on Discord as well.

Basically, for some reason, the API is not seeing any transaction after yours. I am working on solving that issue, if you don't want to wait (it will process normally when it's fixed) I can either send you your BNB back or convert it to HIVE (approx 285 HIVE according to bscbridge).

Thanks mate! Appreciate your quick response. I will now go and drop my underwear in the washing machine. Thanks again for a great tool and best wishes. Have a great week mate :-)

Many thanks and well done, I have just bought some meowLEO for my collection. Will buy more if it pans out as promised.

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I saw some talk about it a few weeks ago but I didn't think it would be so cool!

I'll get a few tokens to see how it goes and also delegate some LP.

Good job guys

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Cool if I understand right.

I delegate LEO and earn meow Tokens ( for auto), otherwise, I become leo? I like it but it's, in general, the same as manual curation right?

So a good solution for vacation :)

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Pretty much.

Scenario 1
You delegate LEO Power to meowcurator and you don't do anything else. You receive liquid LEO rewards every day.

Scenario 2
You delegate LEO Power to meowcurator and you send 0.001 LEO to meowcurator with memo auto now you get paid meowLEO each day instead of liquid LEO, by holding meowLEO, you get more each day.

Scenario 3
You don't want to delegate anything. You can buy meowLEO off of Hive-Engine market and HODL that. You get LEO/meowLEO (again, depending on if you auto it or not) rewards every day.

Will work perfect if enough buyers are out :) Thanks for the explanation :)

Sound interests. I was afraid that I have too little amount of LEO to try this, until you answer to other commenters about 10 LEO minimum. Guess I have enough then. :)

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Wow! That's amazing. I will support you!

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I bought one just to see how things play out and to support the project. Keep up the good work))

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What an incredible project, I didn't know it existed.

But this is what I was thinking about before, that we can't depend on a few curators, but there should be more, and even each user can set the goal of being a personal meowcurator haha.

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Delegated 1K

All set to auto :)


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Very cool!

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Hi @meowcurator, is this curation project ongoing, ie. still sharing rewards with delegators of LEO?

#leofinance #leodelegation



Did meowcurator switch to doing payouts every other day now? It seems like that's the case for the past week for me so I just wanna make sure everything is right, thanks!

meowcurator pays out whenever it receives the payout from Hive-Engine. So, this is due to Hive-Engine, not meowcurator.