Splinterlands Beginner Tips

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Hey splinterlands beginners, my splinterlands social media post today is specifically made for you guys!

In this post, I’ll be sharing some tips for beginner just starting out in the splinterlands world. I’m not sure if I still qualify to be called a newbie, but I’ll just go ahead and say that the tips I’m sharing are from my own experience as a splinterlands newbie. Alright, let’s get into it.

How To Play

Like every other game, you need to do a bit of research to grasp the basic game play procedure.

All of the information needed to start playing splinterlands is in this section. You find information on the two types of cards we have, the elements they belong to, what types of attacks monsters can have and the special abilities cards come with.

You’ll also find basic battle terms like mana and mana cost, rulesets and the likes. This will help you understand properly which cards you might want to select for a battle based on their unique features, and how to arrange your line up.

You’ll learn after playing a few battles that it’s not just how powerful your cards are, but your line up arrangement plays a huge factor factor in determining your win rate. You can have the best cards and still lose if you arrange the cards well.

Practice makes perfect

There’s nothing like the best strategy in splinterlands. There are thousands if not more strategies that you can formulate, because the cards are numerous. The more you practice, the more strategies you’ll uncover.

Practicing will do two things for you - it’ll help you discover new cards and it’ll help you discover and sharpen your strategies. As you play with more people, you see the cards others have and use against you, so you get a fair idea of what new cards might make your strategies stronger.

One problem with practicing though is that if care is not taken, you’ll get overwhelmed with how many new cards you experience. This is currently something I struggle with myself. Remember I mentioned there are sooo many cards, so many that some times it confuses you what cards to use for battle.

Another nice thing about practicing is that if you’re practice under the “Practice” section, the outcome of your battles DO NOT affect your position on the leaderboard. So you’re at liberty of losing as many times as you need to learn.

There’s a little downside to this though. 2 downsides, actually. First, the practice section does not allow you earn rewards on battles. The second thing is somewhat linked to the first. The practice section is essentially for rookies, so over there, you don’t get to play with rulesets. This is a downside in the sense that in actual battle itself, you’ll more than likely be playing with a ruleset or rulesets depending on your level.

This leads to the next point…

Rent Cards, Test Cards, Buy Cards

As you encounter and learn about all these mew powerful cards, you’ll want to either rent or buy them so you can use them too. But you want to as much as you can, take cards for test-spins before you commit to buying them.

Of course, this is not a rigid rule. If you feel confident enough in a certain card being useful to you, you can go ahead and buy them straight away.

What renting first before buying will do for you is that it’s like a demo for you to find out if you really want or need this card. After renting and using a card for a few days, you’ll be able to tell how useful it is for you. If it is not, well, you just saved yourself from buying a card that would’ve been sitting on your deck collecting dust.

More staked SPS, the more you earn per won battle

SPS (splintershards) is the in-game token of splinterlands and is used for a variety of transactions.

One of the most important uses of SPS is that the more staked SPS, the more SPS you earn when you win battles.

I don’t have much SPS staked right now and so I barely earn anything when I win battles. Sometimes I don’f even earn anything at all. I as collecting some HBD to buy and stake some SPS but an emergency swallowed the fund and I’m starting from scratch raising to buy and stake some SPS for good earnings.

The good thing is, you don’t actually need to buy SPS yourself. You can just have someone delegate part of their stake to you if they will, and you’ll earn from the delegation like it’s yours. Just sort of like how you can receive an HP delegation to curate with.

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Understanding how to play this game have been a bit complex to me.
I’ll take a research backup with this post.

Yeah it look complex when you look at it from afar, but you get really familiar with it once you actually start playing. Forget the fear and just start:)

You are right

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