My US Dollar Coin With Sacagewea on It

in LeoFinance5 months ago

I have a special coin that has a Native American woman on it. Her name is Sacagawea.

Sacagawea spoke the languages Hidatsa and Shoshone.

When she was 12 she got kidnapped from her tribe, the Lemhi Shoshone, by the Hidatsa warriors.

When she was 13 she was forced to marry Trapper Toussaint Charbonneau.

When Sacagawea was 16 or 17 she had her first child whose name was Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

What Sacagawea most remembered for is how she was the only woman on the Lewis-Clark expedition.

In 1812 she had her daughter, named Lizette, who probably died at a young age.

Sacagawea Died when she was 24.

And that's why I think my coin is special.


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Nice to see more people posting their special coins. I haven't got a dollar coin yet, but I do got a few half dollars, two silver Kennedy's.

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