SpookyPops NFT x HIVE SBI Giveaway - Week 1

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Hey SpookyPops Fans!

Get ready for an incredible journey with SpookyPops NFT x HIVE SBI Giveaway!
I'm giving away a SpookyPops NFT paired with 5 shares of HIVE SBI every week for up to 10 weeks!
I’m giving away this SpookyPop below this week!
What is SpookyPops NFT? Please visit HERE

How to Participate:

Holding SpookyPops NFTs increases your chances.
0 SpookyPops? You're in for one ticket. Hold 1 SpookyPop? That's 2 tickets. Got 2 SpookyPops? Enjoy 3 tickets! The more SpookyPops you hold, the better your shot at winning.

How to Enter:

Unlocking these fantastic prizes with simple tasks. Comment on this blog post with

  1. If you own SpookyPops NFT(s), attach all the screenshot(s) of your SpookyPops.

  2. Login to NFT Showroom.
    You can login to NFT Showroom from your PC using HIVE Keychain or from Android mobile using HIVE Keychain browser.

  3. Look around on the NFT Showroom and find one artist that interests you. Mention the name of the artist here.

That's it!
The winner will be announced next weekend.
Share the excitement and let the draws begin!
I'm looking forward to your entry!



SpookyPops NFT x HIVE SBI のギブアウェイを開催いたします。

SpookyPops NFTって何だ?という方はこちら

毎週抽選で1名の方にSpookyPops NFT 1枚とHIVE SBIを5シェア プレゼントします。

参加方法 :

SpookyPops NFTを所持していることで当選確率が上がります。



  1. お持ちのSpookyPops NFTのスクリーンショット(ない場合は免除)

  2. NFT Showroomにログイン
    NFT ShowroomにはPCからHIVE Keychainを使って、またはAndroid モバイルからはHIVE Keychain Browserからログインできます。

  3. NFT Showroomを見学し、面白いなと思ったアーティストさんをメンション




That’s all for today.

Thanks for visiting!



初Hive NFTです。他には@albiro2050 さんのピクセルアートが好きです。

muchas gracias, aunque tuve que traducir todo la publicación es una propuesta interesante

Thanks for stopping by. I started this NFT project hoping to create more traffic on NFT Showroom and HIVE.
Feel free to join the giveaway!

I’m not sure the translation is good…

Gracias por visitarnos. Empecé este proyecto NFT con la esperanza de crear más tráfico en NFT Showroom y HIVE.
No dudes en participar en el sorteo.

muchas gracias, entiendo la idea del proyecto, si necesitas ayuda cuenta conmigo

Me gustó tanto "cats and more cats" que lo compré.

vaya, es una de mis favoritas, gracias por el apoyo


そしてSpookyPops NFTご購入ありがとうございます!とっても嬉しいです。


私のSpookyPops NFT!

NFT Showroom見てきました。@juliakponsford さんのアートがとても素敵でした・・・Twitterでも作品を見かけた気がします!


@juliakponsfordさんの作品は不思議で素敵ですよね。制作過程を見たいなと思うアーティストさんの1人です。NFT Showroom チームの方なんですよね。ディスコードでお世話になってます。

Thanks for the nice comments @go-kyo and @djynn I appreciate it! I sent you both a gift on NFT Showroom :)

Wow! What a great surprise!!!
Thank you so much!

It's a giveaway within a giveaway 😂 my pleasure

Thank you so much @juliakponsford 🙏
I was really surprised when I woke up in the morning to find a cool NFT in my collection!!


そしてかっこいいNFTをもらってしまいました。NFT Showroomで色々集めてみたくなります😃

可愛い系が好きなので SpookyPops の様な可愛いものがいっぱいあるのかな?と思ってみたら結構怖いやつが多くて。
@nyxai さんのタロットシリーズがかわいくて良かったです。

Please come back! We miss you!!!…とメッセージを送っておきましょう。


I've always wanted to get one of your SpookyPops! Hopefully next time, I can have some Hive to get it!
My favorite artist on NFT Showroom - too difficult to choose one but I love my friend @jijisaurart's works!


Thanks, Witty! 😍🥳🎉


@jijisaurart's works are so cute and interesting. I'm hoping to own one someday.
Oh boy…they are all so cute(I’m looking at them right now)They would make a great profile photo!

Thanks for the entry!
You’ve got 1 ticket for the draw!

Yey, a giveaway!

@nftfrappe has a lot of cute NFTs! Love the concept. 🥳

Lots to learn from @nftfrappe. His project is very interesting.
Thanks for the entry!
You’ve got 1 ticket for the draw!

Thanks for the entry.

Please look around on the NFT Showroom and find one artist that interests you. Mention the name of the artist here to be qualified.

@jijisaurart @djynn Hi guys, thanks for the compliments!! we are happy you like our NFTs and these cute ghosts are wonderful.. who knows in the future a special edition of Gimmi the Poo with the participation of Spooky 🤣 thanks again!


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What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted.

Credit: lofone
@djynn, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of nftfrappe



I admire how you run your NFT project.
I hope I can get there someday.

Count me in my ign : @rtonline
Good luck to you all.

Thanks for the entry!

Please look around on the NFT Showroom and find one artist that interests you. Mention the name of the artist here to be qualified.

Thank, I'll check it out.

Nftfrappe has some nft's(which I should check out further)!
Count me in!

I agree! I should check out @nftfrappe further! So much to learn from his project.

Thanks for the entry! You’ve got 1 ticket for the draw!


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@jijisaurart(1/5) tipped @wittyzell
wittyzell tipped djynn