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RE: The Potential Of Cryptobrewmaster

Love the game, and really looking forward to playing when it's more complete

I think I will like it a lot more when you can brew more than just a European Lager.

I was an active player for a while, it's a fun game and very simple too.

Also I like that you can get a chunk of hive (about 50 I have heard) when you reach 1000 CBM (you need 1000 to transfer out of the game) so I think that's a great incentive to keep playing (i'm about halfway there, but stopped playing for a while as it was to distracting)

TBT to when I brewed a master brew!!

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 7.00.02 PM.png


Omg that was luck!! I only get one blue =/