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Hi guys!

This post is dedicated to all @leofinance fans.

I pick up LeoFinance logo and decided to animate a bit.

There are 3 gif, all gif made in my mobile phone.

You can download from here and use them, change, remix, whatever you want, for free if you wish, my pleasure! :)

transparent background

white background

dark background


Thanks for following me!



Wow, this is amazing, I've seen so many of your GIFs and footer, this one is lovely, I like the red hue to it and the orange on the edges too. Well done. Great way to market Leo.

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Thank you buddy! :)

Thanks a lot for giving to the community !

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Thanks! You're welcome :)

This is exceptionally lovely.

Thanks! :)

Thanks for taking your time to contribute to the community.

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You're welcome buddy :)
Thank you!