Sunday Lovely Sunday - DHEDGE GIVEAWAY

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DHEDGE is a hive-engine token that gives you daily dividends (drips) of 18 different tokens if you holds it.

For those who don't know DHEDGE Token are in some kind special for me.

But why is DHEDGE special for me?

I made the DHEDGE logo few months ago and honestly I'm very happy with the result.

Because of this and also because it's Sunday (don't know exactly why but I love Sundays), I will give 7 DHEDGE tokens for the first 12 single users who follow me, reblog this post and comment something here.


Thanks for following me!


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Looking for a design
I know you are the guy.
It is cool to know Hive got
all kind of hiver to keep this place going.
Keep on shining.


Never heard of dhedge till now but it looks like an interesting project if it reinvests and shares the dividends. Beats the effort if doing it yourself imo.

That’s legit! Didn’t know you made the logo. SUPER talented, love your graphics and gifs. Keep doing great stuff here in hive

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Well I'm following you for a while, so I reblogged and commenting now :) Dhedge is awesome but I have a crush on income tokens 😁 the logo is pretty cool! Thank you for all your designs so far!


well this is a lovely giveaway from you,at least it will help someone out there...great one from you sir...

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Well I hope I make it. Don't have any Dhegde tokens in my portfolio :D

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i´m becoming big on Dhedge if i make this one!

i pledge to buy another DHEGE stake if i get one... becouse its sunday... := ahh cmmoooon sundays!

Thank you for reminding me about this token :)
btw, I love the logo!
Have you seen my giveaway?

Anyways, happy Sunday and thanks again!

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Good initiative friend

Thanks for your comment.
Sorry mate all 12 distributed.
Try next time ;)

I don't know about Dhedge but I know your designs are always cool!

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Thanks :)
To late for giveaway, next time ;)

You are welcome brother.
No worries.

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DHEDGE is an awesome project, a severely under rated token.

Yup :)
To late for giveaway sorry
Next time ;)

oh thats ok, I hold a lot of them anyway and wasn't entering just wanted to agree that its a great project:)

what is this 18 tokens it gives dividends to?...i was a bit late but its nice sharing this

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Here it is

i think i missed it :p

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Yup! Next time
Thanks :)


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To late..
Next time ;)
Thank you

I bought one for experiment 😄

Nice 😁

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