HIVE Jumped To $1.48 On A Serious Volume

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Screen Shot 20211006 at 5.51.25 AM.png

As you can see from the screenshot above, HIVE did a super jump in the last few hours, reaching as high as $1.48. At the moment of writing it changes hands at $1.14.

The interesting part of this move is volume, which hovered just below $1B (about $912 millions the highest). That's a very serious influx. It's not necessarily a signal that this price level will hold, but mostly a signal that HIVE is becoming a serious option for investors. Or an option for serious investors, you may also read it that way.

The biggest exchange is still Upbit (Korea), with a volume as a high as $600 millions per hour, followed by Binance, with about a fifth of that volume.

Unexpected good news in the middle of the week. Usually these pumps were happening during weekends.

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totally unexpected, but not a surprise...

i think this it won't be long hive will be on level 0.7 . I don't see this as unsustainable so I don't hold out much hope

another goal achieved! congratulations to the community

Any idea why? great news though !

Constant development and innovation coupled with decentralized community outreach.. basically we rock.

Indeed, but so hard to get passed the cognitive bias. Somebody discovering HIVE today would think it is worth much more (ecosystem / tx / users / games / social dapps...) but as I was there since 0.1$ it seems very expensive to me to buy HIVE now.

Good thing I can just HODL and not think about this right? :D

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Very well put indeed! :)

No idea. I do think behind this is the same group / community that pumps Hive during weekends. Happy to see it on a weekday, though.

Indeed, they are probably looking at the activity. Hive is #3 in terms of Tx, number 1 in crypto gaming and social networks and not even a Top 100 Crypto.

People finally noticed !

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Current volume coming from UpBit(Korea): $1,230,506,490.

I have to agree with you that HIVE becomes an investment for serious investors.

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I hope it can settle above $1 for now. We need steady growth based on real progress, not just speculation.


Great feeling seeing HIVE excelling, a reflection of development and growth happening on the chain with active communities.

A toast to everyone as we hope for better days!

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This is very good news for all HIVE users! Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work! :)

Its good we see a new high and will see high and highs.

Let's hope so!

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