Revolut Is Looking To Launch Its Own Crypto Token

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According to a story published by Coindesk a couple of hours ago, Revolut is looking to launch its own crypto token - according to sources close to the matter.

According to the same source, the company is awaiting the green line from regulators. The token will be more like a Binance kind of thing, closer to Wirex than to a stablecoin. Probably rewarding users for using the Revolut app.

I find it somehow funny to see how bridges are starting to be built from the other side too. I mean, until now, it was kind of a big thing to have a Visa or Mastercard card linked to some crypto wallets, but now it seems fiat processors are doing the same thing.

As far as I remember, Revolut is the closest one to crypto among money transfer companies like Wise or N26, offering some sort of crypto ability to buy with its app - but not to freely move it to another crypto, which means you buy just a promise of something.

It's worth adding that Revolut declined to comment.

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This is very interesting indeed! I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing, on the contrary. I wonder if the same will happen to Wise! That would be a blessing for Wise users indeed! :)

Just a kind of monopoly which seems like Facebook staring with libra coin, lets see if any policy is made for the others.

That would be nice, but it would probably happen later than rather than sooner.

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Highly likely indeed!

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