Web 3 Is Not "Web 2, But Better"

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The biggest mistake made by people trying to define web 3 is that they're trying to do this from the "web 2" space. Even incredibly smart people, like Moxie Marlinspike, or Balaji Srinavasan, if you look at their thoughts on this, they're basically saying: "we need a better Twitter".

Well, a better Twitter will be the next iteration of the actual Twitter. Improving on a known model is one thing, completely disrupting paradigms is a completely different one.

When you disrupt something, at least two things occur.

First, you don't really know you're disrupting it, you're just experimenting, playing around with a new set of toys, and gathering feedback. That's what "social media" did in the last 15 years and it took it a High 5 (remember this?), a Digg, a Delicious, then a Reddit, a Facebook and, finally, a Twitter.

Second, you're not following some blueprint, there is no model for it, you're out there on your own. That means chaos. People criticizing web 3 for its "lack of structure" are missing the point entirely. It's this chaos that enables the soup from which a new living thing will emerge. Without this chaos, it will be just another iteration of the current model.

Take Hive, For Instance

If you come here from, let's say, Reddit, you may ask:

  • who's in charge of spam moderation?
  • how do you mitigate resource abuse?
  • what are the skills the team manager for the two things above may have?

Guess what, none of these questions are making much sense in this space. Here's why.

Spam moderation took a few blockchain iterations and it's still a living issue. In the beginning, you could post on the blockchain as may times as you want, and you could also vote as many times as you want. Changing these parameters wasn't done in an opaque way, by a team, and then the changes rolled out to the "audience". The audience asked for it, there were debates (oh, how heated they can get) and actual changes of the code via hard forks. All this is way slower than in a centralized organization. That's the tradeoff.

Resource abuse was an even hotter topic, and it's still solved to a lesser extent than spam moderation. "Milking the rewards pool" was probably the hottest topic in the first couple of years and it's still happening. There were people making insane amounts of tokens and other people really angry because of that. This can't be solved at the blockchain level. It just takes time. Some bags are filled and the spammers are eventually leaving, some are getting tired of the heat they get, but eventually the curve flattens. This is also slow and time consuming.

As for the team managers, you can have at most some informal leaders, for a very limited amount of time. Given the decentralized nature of this thing, both the incentive and the responsibility are way more fluid than in a centralized structure. People come and go. And that's ok.

Closer To The Chaos Of Life

A decentralized structure, a web 3 project, is by design unordered. It's closer to the chaos than to the order.

One of the biggest benefits of this design is that there's suddenly no middle man. Economic value is distributed more evenly.

And one of the biggest drawbacks is that leadership and responsibility, as we know them, are vanishing. You're on your own. But then again, in web 3, everybody is on their own, so we're cool.

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I think Web 3.0 brings innovation compared to rigid centralized structures. The revolution is here and Hive is part of it!

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I agree a decentralised Web 3 structure is empowering and encourages the growth of novel projects that might not see the light of day in a centralised system.

The basis is certainly permissionless databases. That is a foundation that Web 3.0 appears it will be built upon.

Outside of that, we are truly not sure where this all will head. Nobody foresaw the Internet evolving into the medium of 140 characters.

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As a libertarian, I am loving Web 3.0 already--and it will only get better! !BBH

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Safe to say web 3 tools are also open source? Their open sourceness leaves room for creativity as systems can be built upon, expanded and experimented on leading to more innovation.

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Not all are going to be open source. The base layers will be. However, there will be silos in Web 3.0 just like now. The key is the base (the foundation) will be permissionless and operate according to open source principles.

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Web 2.0 already looks like a zombie resident evil that will reside in every new movie.

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The Web 2.0 Apocalypse.

Coming to a theater near you.

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Hahaha 🤣🤣 LMAO

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You nailed it with this one.

What we see is the human tendency towards reference points. We start with what we know and build from there.

The first iteration will be a new version of Twitter (#ProjectBlank?). However, that is not the end game. It is only the first iteration in a multitude of steps that will lead to the disruption. We could be the better part of 5 years away before we even begin to see the disruption.

I am always reminded when the first PCs started to hit offices in the 1980s, people were taken in by the word processing. Hence the computer was thought of as an advanced typewriter.

Those people could not envision the smart phone connected to the Internet on a global communication system that allows anyone online to interact.

To them it was an advanced typewriter.

We will have no idea what Web 3.0 will look like when Web 4.0 starts to be developed. All was can say is it will look radically different from today.

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If we want a Ready, Player One good-ending we need to get angel investors with pure, autistic hearts and minds on our side or else the corpos are going to fuck us all in the ass.

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Awesome post! I think your thoughts will go along well with Peter Thiel's Zero to One.

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Web 3 will bring about many changes in the internet I strongly believe that.I’m happy hive will be part of this change

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

I am always reminded when the first PCs started to hit offices in the 1980s, people were taken in by the word processing. Hence the computer was thought of as an advanced typewriter.

That also reminds me of how the early smartphones were advertised as "stocks and weather magic devices". Every picture of a smartphone had a stocks picture on the screen, like this was the intended usage, just check the stock prices or the weather all day long. Turns out that we don't use our smartphones for that, but merely for watching videos of young women dancing on TikTok all day. :)

And posting comments on Hive.

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Always get confuse when I'm reading comment that's explaining web2 and web3

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