BitCoin eats the targets I'm Giving you! Possible 40k target very soon!

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BitCoin is moving up. The Bull run continues. Where are next resistances and supports?!?

If you went in as I have told you have 2 closed positions with 3-1 risk reward and 4-1 and 1 open to still go much higher 13-1 to the green circle/pivot ring on a daily chart below.

BTC/USD 1h chart BitStamp

As far as I see I gave price labels for resistances above the price and below are price labes of supports.

I think the price will continue to grow!

Don't be a fool and use your own head. We have heads for a reason =P

BTC/USD 1D chart BitStamp

NOTICE: It is also possible we will have a retracement on caa 25300$ because in the past was on that channel allot of resistance and support. If we break it we are for sure hitting 28k$ soon if we don't we are most likely going to test yellow ring as support!!!

Carpe Diem

NOTICE: This is not a financial advice. You trade at your own risk!

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BitCoin as I have written right on point! Check in the picture below!!

btc on point 26.png

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Another target hitted! I'm 95% sure BitCoin will target 30k in next couple of days, even posible pump to 40k for NewYears!

btc on point 26.2.png

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I agree... 40k soon is a real possibility.