BitCoin on 40k on/after New Year!

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3to1 BitCoin targets are closed or if you made stop loss higher you can wait for 10-1 ratio.

First of all let me wish you a Merry Christmas and all good that is possible!

As I have writen in previous post you can see it was a nice 3-1 long position and it's closed.

Check the post with this prtsc in... entrance of perfect support!


This morning was situation of nice upwards price movement and we hitted tre ring above and waited to get this nice 3-1 risk reward ratio. If You want to hustle more you can let it up to 28k-40k this is about 10-1 / 17-1 risk reward ratio and this is not bad at all!


On this Daily BitCoin price movement on BitStamp you can see that we broke out of triangular shape to upside so my prediction was wright!

We are headed to 27940$ as I have marked on picture above with green cutted line.

This is it for Today! I wish you Merry Christmas once more and have a nice evening. Spend this time with loved ones.

Carpe Diem

NOTICE: This is not a financial advice! You trade at your own risk!

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Another possible 4-1 risk reward long position was at 16:30ish

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