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Hi I go by name Dr.Jukko and BitCoin price movement is my special power!

This channel is for adults only what ever the legal age is in your country. It's about trading and finances for what you have to be an adult. Also I use a swear word from time to time but not offencively! Enjoy the reading!

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I do analysis and am in 95% of the time on point! Do you want to trade safer? And not be cought in exchanges traps?!? Let's discuss what options markets are offering us! I usualy write one post about BitCoin per day!

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He is:

  • Spiritual beeing that uses it's own physical and spiritual guidance thrue the time and grow.

And he realizes:

  • ˝Cash Rules Everything About Me, C.R.E.A.M. get the money dollar dollar bill y'all˝ Wu-Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M.
  • Some people are comparing themselfs to some animals... I don't mind, but beeing human that's the ˝shit˝

I was born in 1990s in Slovenia. I'm studying International Business with Foreign languages.
My native language: Slovenian
I speak: English C 1.1, German B2, Serbo-Croatian B2, Spanish B1 and Italian B1.

First time I heard for BitCoin was in 2010 in our beloved town Ptuj. Since then I knew what Blockchain means for technology. I was allways kinda g33k. =P

What work do I do?!?
Most recently I became APPICS ambassador and I recommend you to get your ass overe there ( ;

You will find me in fields of:
Videography, Photography, Sound specialist, Economy, Trading, Invesments, Real eastate investor, Crypto currencies, Blockchian, Commercials, Marketing (E-mail, product, affliate, refferal), Management, Design, Mining, Hustling and digging into Human History/past(pyramids, cultures, etc.) ohh and gaming XD how did I forget that XD I also do a bunch of dif. sports: skiing, rock climbing, bouldering, yoga, acroyoga, acorbatics, snowboarding, swimming, fishing, and many more =P

I recommend to read my previous posts to be sure that I'm not lying to you!

See the video of channels how the price is respecting them:

Read recent articles:

My Analysis for BitCoin price is on BitStamp connected since BitCoin entered its exchange.

This is how it looks like O.o XD I know for YOU It's a mess for me it is a MAP and you only see one piece of it WOOHOO


The true secret is in Fibonacci but many many many traders doesn't even know how many of Fibonacci you can use in markets. It's all nature all materials in technology are also natural and behaviour of price on markets guess what...


Why do you think they show you so many times the Fibonacci retracement tool? Not becouse it's cute that's for sure.

Combined my TA with classical works for me.

Check it out:


If you actually went and read my previous post well done!

Let me explain the picture:

CALLOUT: Called point that was given as resistance in previous post and possible position for short with 3-1 ratio. I havn't traded it =P
CALLED SUPPORT: Is point to set 3-1 trading risk-reward ratio right on purple support ring that helded.
CURRENT RESISTANCE: as the name is telling you this is the point where we will probably see BTC stopped for a moment when BTC hits the green ring.
CURRENT MAJOR RESISTANCE: Is where was BitCoin rejected on 27909$ when we hit that ring or better to say go over, we will most likely see a pump!
MAJOR SUPPORT and support lv: Major support is at 25k$ish area where is allot of current support. support lv1-3 are smaller supports.

If you are looking position to go in long it would be at major support or if we break the current resistances and going in long when it finds support on them.

BitCoin is still in uptrend while MACD and Stoch RSI arn't showing much of price going up. You have to be preapared in both ways this is how you're going to win! Soon we will also see at least healthy 25-30% correction. If the price goes high as 40k then is most likely to see even a 50% correction!

I wish you all the best, allot of proffit, trade safe, stay safe! Don't forget to upvote if you like the post ofc. and to +FOLLOW for more content like this and possible live streams.

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Thank you for your time to read the article!

Carpe Diem

Dr. Jukko

NOTICE: This is not a financial advice! You trade at your own risk!

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