DRUM_OPERATOR one off debut NFT: "daytrestle" ~ 3:27 ambient modular synth / cv visual on RARIBLE

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Good afternoon Hive crypto music pioneers! Today marks the debut of my first full length music track + hardware video synthesis NFT on Rarible! I'm only about a year behind finally realizing my idea of encoding one of my ambient modular synth (and piano!) compositions into NFT format .... but after enough of the crypto folk in my life were inquiring about the tech, I figured I was long overdue actually making one happen. One week of multi disciplinary fussin' later, it lives here and is available for purchase. Do not hesitate to feed your growing NFT obsession via patronage of your friendly local drum_operator:

I'm uploading the first minute of the composition here on 3speak as a teaser ... seems extremely appropriate to double down hosting the teaser video on the blockchain. I've spent the last few days working on a granular sound design modular synth patch and layering some Airports-era Eno processed low-fi piano ... and through the miracle of adaptive bitrate processing I figured out I could sneak a 3:27 composition with CV informed, hardware generated (and ceaseless fussed over) video synthesis into Rarible's 30 meg limit on NFTs. From a technique perspective, I'm double dipping on many of the CV sources in the synth ... the long loping envelopes that coax swells of feedback from Mutable Instruments Clouds also opens the VCA between the two video oscillators, creating what feels like reactive visual FM modulation and subconsciously tying the two disciplines together. I'm used to projecting these sorta happy intertwined accidents ... it's been exciting to capture them via NDI directly into OBS for further review and manipulation afterwards rather than trying to catch fire in a jar during a livestream.

I don't have any crazy financial expectations for this venture and am mostly just excited to have a piece of work I can be proud of encapsulated forevermore into what will undoubtedly become a part of mainstream culture. As somebody who has made the majority of their money as a creative for the past two decades, I can attest first hand to the utter broke-ness of the existing way 99 percent of the creatives I know have funds trickle into their actual financial life (year two waiting on that Netflix check- looking at you "13 reasons why") ... so you'll forgive me for appreciating the idea of selling a singular copy of your work at a fair rate ... that is instantly resellable at hopefully and appreciated value as I continue to build my profile ... and pick up a modest 10 percent royalty in perpetuity as I am ideally creating assets for forward thinking collector's portfolios. Not complicated to figure out who I'd rather be getting in the weeds doing the work for!

Rarible was super easy to use, albeit expensive. In conversation with @tygertyger on discord it was brought to my attention that the one and only @juliakponsford was part of the team at https://nftshowroom.com/ ... so I'm definitely getting something going there as well!

Born: 2017. First NFT release: 2021. Total music domination: 2090 (w/ cyborg augmentation)


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Woot congrats on your first NFT release, can't wait to get you on NFT Showroom!

I have negative one thousand percent expectations but I'm still pretty excited I actually made it happen instead of thinking about it for another week. Was so stoked to hear you are behind NFTShowroom. I was like wait JULIA and @VACHEMORTE MY FIRST TWO STEEMFRENS?!?

Steemates even. I'm sure somebody else has come up with this.


Hey I'll just start re-sharing your content every now and then just because you helped boosted the #boombox. I got it back running again. I want to turn it into a sub-blockchain soon.

boombox 4 life!

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