Bitcoin breakout to 8400 USD signals coming move to 100000

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The move to 100000 USD is playing out exactly as I foresaw it in 2013 - before anyone had even heard of Bitcoin.

Today's move to 8400 is confirmation that the recent move up established the market bottom at Christmas, around 6400. I don't believe we're ever going to see those prices again.

Not sure? Check out the entire crypto market over the past several years. Where's this going?

I'll draw in the trend, for those who can't see it:

Simplified even further:

I've already established that if Bitcoin returns to 10000, there's a clear path to 20000. That's even more true after the recent dip than it was when I first said it. Once we hit 10k, expect 20k almost right away - the pressure is building, and the crypto bull born in 2011 didn't die in 2019. If anything, this is just the beginning.

Here's one of dozens of prophetic visuals I've used, this one 8 months ago in this post:

Back then (8 months ago) I said "Now at 9000 USD, we're due for a correction (perhaps back to about 5000), before going very much higher. Will it happen today? Probably not, but it's coming soon."

I was right. After one more leg up to 13k, we had that major retracement, all the way back to 6400. Now that we've had confirmation the pullback's over, 10k - then 20k - will happen within months.

And as predicted in mid 2018, 2020 will be the year we see new highs. 100000 is the target range that comes to mind.

DRutter: Crypto's best-kept secret

I was telling people about Bitcoin on YouTube when the price was literally one cent. And I've been able to see the Bitcoin chart in advance since $50 (anybody remember Cyprus?). Every move up, every move down, every top and bottom, every major date, and the overall trends - I've predicted it all nonstop for 7 years. I'm the best-kept secret in the crypto world. Hundreds of other commentators have appeared since 2017 or so, some of them now with millions of followers, many of them rich from selling newsletters or subscriptions to their podcasts. I've never made a cent from my knowledge, and perhaps that's why nobody knows of me - because people only want to follow somebody who appears to be rich and 'successful'. Another reason might be that I also talk about cannabis. Someone recently told me they loved my crypto coverage, but couldn't subscribe to me because they were incompatible with my other topics.

Despite being unknown, NOBODY comes anywhere near my track record. Through 100+ prediction videos and articles, I've been trying to help others by showing them what's coming next, but nobody listens. The more right I am, the more precisely I predict what's coming next (or years ahead) on the chart, the less views and interactions I get. It's like I'm cursed to be right... but also ignored by everyone.

They say the blockchain is forever. If that's true, there's a chance that someday, someone will read my articles and watch my videos, and realize I could predict the future. I'd much prefer it happen while it can still make a difference, though.

Is anyone there? Anyone at all?


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I'll still only have a few bucks worth of cryptos if Bitcoin goes to 100k. I can't afford to get more than a few crumbs. And my STEEM is worthless now. Oh well!

We're here DRutter. I try my best to share your posts on Twitter and YT comments to direct people to your channel. I know you don't do this but are your thoughts on ETH in the mid to long term? Thanks

I wouldn't want to comment on something I didn't understand properly, but thanks for asking, and for sharing my post :)

It is much harder to trade cryptos like BTC than hoarding them for the judgement day.

Oh? I've never tried either of those things. I just see the chart before it happens.

I posted this on Steemit, using the Bitcoin category. It should not be in the "hive-167922" category :(

Seems like you should have been able to turn $10 into 10 million by now. Why spend so much time on analysis if you aren't going to place any bets on the outcome?

I'm a monetary theorist, so bitcoin caught my eye right away. Is it so hard for you to believe some people do something because they enjoy doing so, and/or because they're good at it?
You sound (again) like you're questioning my claims, but they're all there for you to go look at (until my channel finally gets the axe). Why hint that I'm lying, when a couple clicks will tell you one way or the other?

Nah man I'm just asking you why you wouldn't capitalize on a very low-risk opportunity to improve the lives of yourself and the people around you. Also the reputation gained couldn't hurt.

There are plenty of reasons why a person wouldn't want to draw that kind of attention I'm sure. Just wondering what yours is.

You've asked me all this before, heheh. I'm very much NOT an investor. I don't like to capitalize. It feels wrong to me to make money or currency by owning money or currency. I don't see that as adding any value, but rather taking value. If everyone tried to put food on the table (and all the other stuff we need in this world) by trading in and out of money/currency, it wouldn't work. Somebody has to produce value. That's where I feel content creation comes in. I feel that I'm producing something people want, and benefit from. I've never managed to monetize my efforts, but I intend to. I think I should (finally) be able to get paid for the years of full-time work I put into education, entertainment, motivation, etc. But investing, I've always avoided. I stack silver bullion as a private store of intrinsic value, not for moonshot hopes. I said on YT in 2011 that I wouldn't own any Bitcoin until it was a viable currency (not just for buying 1 million BTC pizzas), and never as an investment vehicle. Good luck to those that do, I said, and proceeded to call the chart moves. My confidence grew over the years, to the point now where I've essentially made no bad calls, and made a TON of really great ones, even when I was going against the entire market, it seemed, I was always bang on. But I didn't get a wallet until 2017, when I saw BTC being used all over the world, not just online but in local shops. It sat empty until some subscribers tossed me some tips for my video content over the years which had helped them. That 0.2 BTC grew in value to almost $5kUSD at which point I converted all of it to STEEM, which then lost 99.5% of its value, leaving me with about $200 at this point. I was wrong to go all-in on STEEM but I believed in the platform and concept.
Like I was saying, I'm now finally trying to monetize my content. There are free & decentralized options that don't require me to have a smart device, finally. I'd love to be compensated for my work, as so many out there nowadays are. It isn't working on STEEM, but I'm also trying LBRY and Flote, with an eye out for others.
It's hard for people to believe that I could have profited, but didn't. It's kind of hard for me, sometimes, but it's true. I've documented the whole process, speaking about this many times both here and on YT. That's just how I am, I'm not making it up. My nature and nurture has led me to being the person I am right now, which is one who chooses to earn money/currency to pay necessarily bills and stay alive in the current system, and does not profit off the up and down moves of charts.
A few times, my wife (who supports me 100% in all I do) very gently mentioned the fact that, had I been a little less principled, we could be very well off right now, or at least not hurting, having to calculate how much formula the baby needs over the coming month, and other stressful shit. I hear her. It's hard for me, too, sometimes. And maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's not wrong to profit off money/currency itself, and take from other "investors", knowing the house always wins (banks, exchanges). From my perspective, he who profits in investing, does so at the cost of he who loses. For me, no investor is "making money", only taking it from other investors, and enriching the system. But like I said, maybe I'm wrong about that, and I'm open to debate.
But until my mind is changed about that, my integrity forces me to act the way I do. It is an ethical decision, and I don't ask that anyone else understand it or agree with it, but I don't mind talking about it when genuinely asked.
It does kind of suck that a lot of people assume I'm full of shit, because I'm poor. "If he was telling the truth about his ability to predict the chart, he would be rich!" It hurts that most of them don't bother to go and look. I provide the links. I'm telling the truth, and have been the whole way through. I don't delete posts/videos with bad predictions. I'm intellectually honest, but people prefer to question my integrity and jump to a false conclusion, than do some investigation.
People like my old friend Davincij15 are rich right now, not just because they DO invest in cryptos, but because flocks of people see that, and subscribe, buy newsletters, send tips and donations, etc. He's loaded, but hasn't made a single good call since early 2011, when he (correctly) told everybody to get into Bitcoin. After that, he's got zero ability to read charts, no matter how much time he seems to spend trying. He's pathetic, but he got noticed by some big crypto channel last year, and has blown up ever since. Am I jealous? Probably, but mostly it's just upsetting because people could actually be getting real info from me, and doing well, rather than sending money to already rich people to get bad advice. I doubt I'd want the fame he's got over this, but at least having some more exposure for my messages would be nice. I wouldn't take the limelight like he has, but more views to my pages is my goal. I'm here to be heard, not to be ignored.
Like I said in the post, maybe if I didn't also talk about cannabis? Not everybody is okay with that. But that would feel cheesy to me, censoring myself (or splitting myself in two) to appease people I see as ignorant? Meh.
Anyway, that's more than you asked for, sorry about that.

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