I won't go willingly into a Cashless Society

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A world without cash - anonymous currency - is coming soon. No longer a conspiracy, this plan is announced and applauded by governments, banks, and corporations. But I've always said I'd never live in such a world, so an impasse approaches. Will you join the cashless society already taking form?

I won't move my line in the sand. 8 years after first uploading this video, I'm reuploading it without edit, to reaffirm my stance - and get it onto censorship-resistant platforms like LBRY, Flote, and LeoFinance. Private currency must always be available to citizens in a free nation. We aren't free if all transactions must be tracked and recorded by the state and/or by private banks! Freedom of transaction is almost as vital a right as freedom of speech.

Ironically, I'm currently banned on YouTube for spreading truth about Covid vaccines, so this 2021 edit of "I won't go willingly into a Cashless Society" will be exclusive to my other platforms.

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How decentralized cryptocurrencies fit into this remains to be seen, and I'm excited to find out what the future holds. What we know about 2021 is that too-big-to-fail banks and corporations are richer and more powerful than ever, cash is under constant attack, and digital vaccine passports are the next advance of the cashless society. Time is running out!


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Would rather go maskless!

With the advent of 3D printing and decentralized production, I think it's really up to people like us to push into the direction of minting our own gold/silver coins to maintain that base level of physical value storage and privacy.

The interesting thing here is that everyone seems to think that PMs are going to lose value because of crypto, but the way I see it they will gain value and usage due to abundance technology and the ability for more people to own PM, in addition to understanding why it's important.

We've already seen how these minted coins can be used as an advertising method for any given crypto: just stamp the name of any crypto brand onto the coin. Combined with NFTs to validate authenticity on-chain, crypto might even make it slightly harder to counterfeit such assets and build up the reputations of those minting the coins.

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I remember looking at buying a Bitcoin on eBay back in the day. It was a physical coin, bronze I think, with a wallet number hidden under a panel, the wallet containing 1 BTC. I was angry that it was nearly 50% premium to hold a physical Bitcoin, so I passed it by. It was 29.99 USD (free shipping).

lol, crazy.

Yes freedom of transaction is very important like freedom of speech 👍

Quite right my friend, these are the building blocks of Liberty.

I think state digital currencies are the worst thing to come out of this digitization, I mean, it is essentially surveillance at its peak....the only advantage is that people will realise other alternative and real cryptocurrency

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Quite true, it's all the negatives of fiat currency, plus all the negatives of virtual currency.