"Shitcoin" No More!

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As the price of 1 Bitcoin surpasses $18,000 USD, the labels "worthless", "scam", and "shitcoin" have become less common, and critics are sounding far less sure of themselves.

This is a weekly BTC chart priced in USD (log):

The global economic collapse of March/April is shown to the left, as the price crashed briefly, before quickly recapturing the $10k level, consolidating, and now breaking out toward the $20k top of 4 years ago.

Contributing fundamentals:

  • instability in global economics and politics
  • PayPal users in the USA now able to convert to BTC
  • recently completed halvening

Technically, the price is following a pattern many analysts are now just beginning to see - one I spotted and have been talking about since 2013 and 2015!

In mid 2018, when everybody thought Bitcoin's pullback was over, I said the pattern clearly showed it still had to fall to $4000. Almost nobody agreed, but I was exactly right. And every single part of that price prediction I made has since come true - flawlessly.

The prediction concluded with a 2020 break of the $20k level to new highs. I'm still certain of it, and current price action is looking more and more like I was not just right, but perfect in my prediction, again.

I know of nobody else who can predict the Bitcoin price chart YEARS in advance, to exact dollar levels and exact dates. Do you?

And since nobody else has noticed any of this, I've had to report on it myself, as I'm doing now.

I refer to myself as the Bitcoin Seer. It sounds a bit presumptuous, but let's be honest, it's fitting. I saw it coming before almost anyone else in the world, I sounded the alarm, and my price calls have never been wrong. Bitcoin Seer is my title to claim.

I'll see you again at $20,000+ for the celebration! Congratulations to all of you who saw through the "shitcoin" nonsense hurled at us for a decade now.


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"Shit Corns" was the worst one I ever heard for bitcoins. Gross!

What's your take on alts for this cycle?

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I'm scared for HIVE but overall it should be a good "season". Money flowing into Bitcoin will diversify to some degree at some point, especially into good value tokens, and established alts like Litecoin. I don't want to try and pick the individual winners and losers, though!

LTC is already showing signs of growth.

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Does that mean the lambo is coming?

Not for me, I'm not permitted to operate a motor vehicle. I'm an excellent driver, but the state doesn't want to allow it.
Then again, maybe I could just BUY a valid driver's licence and paperwork?

If you get to the moon. Anything is possible. In fact if you are there might as well get a spaceship.

"Space tourism" is now a thing, or very soon, from what I hear.

Perhaps one of the first civilians to shoot to the moon (literally) will be a Bitcoiner?

Either that or a flat earther

F*ck the lambos. I know smth far better !

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Price is battling around the $18k level now....
Bitcoin is volatile, and there are always going to be pullbacks, but the bull market is definitely ON!

What can we expect when bitcoin is in happy mood