The desire to win and the feeling of importance

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Competition is often viewed negatively, but upon closer examination, we can see that different stages of life require different levels of competition. As we strive for success, competition becomes more intense. With many others seeking the same goal, we must give our best effort in order to succeed and grow.

Competition is often a driving force for success, both in the workplace and in other areas of life. Some individuals may not actively seek out opportunities for advancement until they are motivated by the prospect of competition. In a company setting, creating a friendly competition with colleagues can help you stand out and demonstrate your abilities. However, it's important to remember that success is not solely dependent on winning competitions. While competition can be a valuable tool for growth and development, it's also important to prioritize collaboration and cooperation with others.

But winning is not the only reason why we compete and sometimes it is more than that

Winning is crucial because it brings attention to us, satisfying our innate desire for importance. As soon as we achieve success, we are recognized and treated differently, which is why it's crucial to win. The competition is intense because others have already been where we want to be, and to reach their level or surpass it, we must emerge victorious in the competition.

Many individuals compete not because they are driven by the desire to win, but rather the desire to feel important. For these people, sources of competition are not a concern given their already successful status. However, they continue to engage in competition as a means of maintaining relevance and significance. The unique craving for this feeling is such that in the absence of external validation, they transform into something else entirely. Thus, the desire to feel important serves as a primary motivator for individuals to remain competitive.

The feeling of importance is greater than the desire to win

When some people achieve success, they may become complacent and lose their drive to reach for more. They may feel content with what they have and lose their sense of importance. However, those who are driven by the feeling of importance continue to strive for success and maintain their hunger for more. They never lose their touch and remain competitive for the rest of their lives.

As humans, we all have an inherent need to feel important. This desire for importance is often used by psychologists as a tool to build strong relationships, as most people crave this feeling. When we combine this desire with the need to succeed and beat the competition, it can create a powerful force that drives us toward our goals. It's important to remember that this kind of individual maintains a strong mind, even when their bodies may falter.

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True that as humans we want ourselves to be treated as important.
@sagarkothari88 vote

To feel important is one of those things we crave and one of the reasons why we become competitive

I think a lot of people want to feel important and it's why they can't admit when they are wrong. Desire in a way is a good way to push forward and life is always going to be competitive. Otherwise other people will take your place.

Because of the feeling of importance, people can do great things win their life and establish themselves as an important member of society. This also comes with respect and admiration from the people around them. I think competition can be a great fuel to strive for individual success.