Report to investors of EasyDeFi Group A for Week 33 on Sunday 03/13/2022

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Summary of EasyDeFi

A brief summary of this project would be:
Easydefi changes a 10 step process to invest in DeFi from Hive into a two step process.

EasyDeFi makes this a two step process; you send your capitol (minimum 100 Hive or 100 Leo) to the @easydefi wallet, and the @easydefi wallet sends your earnings to your wallet on Leofinance every week.

You send me Leo or Cub via @easydefi wallet as a public ledger of your☺️ deposit. I invest it in decentralized finance staking and farming site Cubfinance. I send you your wallet rewards every Sunday.

EasyDeFi makes this a two step process; you send your capitol (minimum 100 Hive or 100 Leo) to the @easydefi wallet, and the @easydefi wallet sends your earnings to your wallet on Leofinance every week.

Welcome New Investor!

We have a new investors

Pool Investors Earnings this Week.

The pooled Leo is converted to Cub-BUSD, and the earnings for this past week were 344 Cub, so it traded for 421 bLeo and 42 went to @shortsegments as an Admin Fee. This left 379 for the stake based investors.

This weeks Stake based earnings

This weeks Stake based earnings using Excel Spreadsheet:

Distributions from today have been made via wallet transfers:








Monday Cutoff

The Monday cutoff protects the earnings of all investors, especially the smaller investors who would see their earnings reduced by deposits made after Monday and insufficient time to earn Cub because it is a shared earnings pool.

This is the weekly report to investors of EasyDeFi for Week 33 on Sunday 03/13/2022

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Leofinance and Hive are primarily social interaction communities, which have the added benefit of the ability to earn money creating content or consuming content.
Leofinance as a project is not a single token maximalist community, but instead is a multiblockchain maximalist community that could be called a cryptocurrency maximalist community.
Leofinance has a single token Leo, which has wrapped versions of Leo on three blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. This token connects these three blockchains through thus automated wrapping system providing a cheap and reliable method for investors to move capitol from one blockchain ecosystem to another blockchain ecosystem.
Leofinance discord shows a steady stream of newcomers to cryptocurrency, which is a testament to the success of Leofinance’s instant sign-up called Leoinfra.
Leofinance provides instant onboarding by allowing new users to sign up with their existing Facebook or Twitter Accounts as an option. This allows people to try out Hive and Leofinance quickly just using the Social Media accounts they already have, which is a brilliant idea to make the joining process so familiar, and thus very easy.
Leofinance creates “Light Accounts” during that easy Facebook or Twitter signup process, so the new user can create an account, read articles, vote, comment and enjoy the fun aspects of the Social Media aspects of the Leofinance and Hive community before they have to learn or deal with any of the complexity.
Leofinance recognizes two very important things: First, there are many more content consumers, then content producers. Second: the world is mainly active on social media via mobile phones. So Leofinance has developed a very easy to use Mobile App which focuses on the mobile, content consumption experience. And Leofinance has a different user experience on the desktop version of Leofinance, which is designed to optimize the user experience of the content producers.
Leofinance has a webpage called Leopedia which teaches basic cryptocurrency concepts.
Leofinance has a daily newsletter run by @taskmaster4450
Leofinance has a community member scouring Leofinance for articles containing Alpha.
Last words.
Leofinance has become a large, loyal social community of cryptocurrency newbies, veterans and many inbetween.
It's a good place to read articles explaining the various aspects of cryptocurrency and try your hand at decentralized finance with help available 24 hours a day and seven days a week on Discord.
The community members are constabntly giving out tips on earning cryptocurrency and explaining how to fix problems, for free, and knowlege is shared gladly.
You can dip your toe into cryptocurrency safely here, on the Hive blockchain.