Buying LAND with crypto gains

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Good evening friends and followers! What an exciting time to be alive!

Of course, it is September, and the crypto markets have weakened, @edicted has been warning us, and it did come on fast. But of course the best news is that HIVE is staying strong, and developing hard. I have had a lot of success recently writing about some of these topics, making guides for new users, and meeting many new people around the 'hives'.

HIVE is a great base to start learning and growing one's crypto, but we can never forget about 'real life'. In that vein, I think its important that I take the time to provide an update about my 'real life', because things are moving along and have been going really good.

50 new acres of land

I have managed, among the chaos of this current bull run, to purchase or agree to purchase more than 50 acres of new land down here in Colombia. Some of you who have been following along may know that I have been talking about this for a while, under the idea of some @ecobanker projects.

I have been meeting with lawyers, reviewing the relevant laws, and I believe we have some very good news about making a land-backed token. I do not have a firm date yet about a token sale, but I have enough information now to 'spill some of the beans' to you all about what I have been getting up to, and some of my upcoming plans.

Land Backed token

I am planning on creating a token that will definitely be a security. Allowable by the relevant Colombian laws, I will be putting up the land to back up the token. The idea would be three-fold, capture the increase in price of the land and work actively to increase it, create a 'tourism' space and membership club where owners would be welcome to visit at a discounted rate (thinking always of what JAHM promised and failed to deliver), and a governance aspect for token holders to help decide in how we move forward with the project.

Let's break down these three parts.

1. Land Value

I have already bought the land, so I could just sit on it and enjoy the increases in value all by myself. But I think there is something even greater to be created if I reach out to the community for additional leverage - and that is the primary reason to create a fund raiser round to begin with - building a 'Resort Getaway' type building.

By taking the funds raised and immediately investing them in building on the land, the land value should immediately increase, increasing the backing of the token. This also opens us up to additional revenue streams as well as part 2.

2. Membership club

Once we have built out a Resort Getaway, all members will be invited to come at their convenience, to visit, see and participate in what we are doing. Of course since it is a tourism model, anyone would be welcome to come and pay full price for what we will offer, but members should enjoy some sort of discounts such as some amount of free nights, discounted services such as guided tours of the areas, or other ideas. The exact details of this will need to be worked out, perhaps partially in part 3.

3. Governance

How will we reinvest profits? I personally would prefer to only distribute a part of the profits of any relevant revenue streams back to token holders, and to hold some of the profits for reinvestments, either to buy more land, or build more buildings, or plant more crops. I would like these decisions to be managed as much as possible by the token holders themselves, as they are the 'board members' of this unique project.

Model: Fundraiser + Airdrop

My current plan is to put up one property that I believe is perfect for this, 12.5 acres on a main road, high tension electricity passing near by, with water access. The property has 2 lagoons of standing water, gentle sloping hills, a riverian stream and a great view looking out over the Tolima Plains.

Against this property I would seek to fundraise enough to build out a basic Resort Getaway (design work and relevant costs to be determined) and start the full project.

I will plan on holding some amount of tokens for management and 'team' of this process, perhaps with some sort of time lock, and will also look to airdrop some number of these tokens onto two currently existing projects, INCOME and EDENBUXX

INCOME Synergy Fund

You can see the most recent update here. I don't post about it as much as maybe I should, but almost everything I post about having to do with tokens really is the updates from the fund. The @ecoinstats holding account invests along with me, pays out daily entertainment 'divvies' to holders (@ghostbanker), and has continually been able to compound in token price over the last 2 years; the most recent calculated ABV was 6.444 HIVE per token.

There are only 10,000 and are strictly asset-backed, I hold most of them and you can see the richlist here. Some people still have not swapped their steem-engine versions over, but I am getting ready to think that they lost their chance now. Check if you have some on steem-engine here. Reply to me anywhere on HIVE if you do. (@felander, @inertia, @cadawg, @xawi)


Run on the @ecosaint account along with @a1-shroom-spores and @taintedblood, this fund based project currently harnesses a voting bot for @ecosaint (thank you ARCHON services!). Any one with 10 EDENBUXX staked can call the bot on any post or comment by mentioning @ecosaint in their reply. Multiples do stack, so with 120 EDENBUXX staked I could call the bot 12 times per day.

I anticipate a smaller amount of airdrop for EDENBUXX and a larger amount for INCOME token holders.

Number of Tokens

Based on my experience with previous projects, there will be a strictly limited number of tokens, I am thinking about 100,000 tokens maximum.

But this detail, and all the other ones mentioned in this post, still need to be worked out and finalized. I will continue to work on that and keep you all updated.

Freedom and Friendship


I agree with you that members getting discounts is a good idea: IF it's a discount based on holding percent. A legal security that entitles room and board is a good idea in general. @ecosaint

I think this is the best way to get a healthy return of your investment....turning money into wealth...and the best way to do is land..... but seems Colombia is somewhere calling me...😉 lately I was reading a lot about Escobar...

It's a beautiful country, although they are trying to get over the 'Narcos' stuff, the history is quite interesting.

Can't wait!
I am super excited for this project.

Oh this is so nice!
I remember when I first heard about this I was yet too new to crypto so I didn't really grasp the magnitude of what you're doing but now I'm super excited about this!

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Lovely idea based on the present, I however have some little reservation, not to hurt any feelings or progress made so far but a land backed tokens does it not affect price ranges in future when people investment are high, not just in Colombia

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I'm not clear exactly on your concern, but there two 'price range risks' as I see them.

If you mean that we might turn 1 dollar into 2, and that 2 is relatively expensive for new people, I'm not worried about that.

But there is the possibility that the land does increase in value, but not as fast as HIVE or some other crypto. In this case, hopefully the other benefits and some relative stability will be the cross-benefits that make the project still worth it over pure token price.

Oh the project is going to start to take off. Will the token be released on Hive Engine or some other exchange?

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I will use hive-engine, though I may use another crypto to do a presale, still thinking about it and working out the details.


And you can't go wrong with a Stihl!


@ecoinstant! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @revisesociology.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (1/20)

Clearing a little driveway today, hopefully some new land pictures to follow!

Cool - I bought a mid range batter operated Stihl last year - what a great tool!

Well, battery chainsaw, petrol strimmer, the later is a beast.

How long does the battery last? I've been eyeing some bigger battery tools for a while!

One battery last about 40 minutes of constant use - so with two batteries and about a 90 minute charge time you can work pretty much constantly.

Given that you rarely run the saw constantly, what with all the checking, clearing and so on....

I want to be a Land Baron.

You are so syable here on hive and earning a lot from cryptocurrency. It's amazing that you can afford for all that. Wish you a better future.

Keep at it, grow slowly over time! Its been four years of building and posting and moving tokens around!


This is nice, I will try to keep up with your update. Love your idea

I would buy some tokens when it comes out.

Nice one buddy. It's really a while I drop by to comment on your post. I wish all the best in your new project.
Have a nice week.

Thank you Max!

Wow, neat project. Well done.

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Hey @ecoinstant, I'd like to swap mine across if I still can =D

yes! Send it over to @ecoinstats on - ping me back when you do!


Transfer complete!

Nice, thanks for the mention :)

I do have one PLOT token of splinterlands land. If my experience with digital chickens is any indication, That plot will be worth more than my whole 'real land project' at some point.

I bought 30 golden furious chicken around the time my wife got 30 laying hens, and there was no end to the fun of comparitive economics there.

Great post to read. Do you keep a log of your 'digital land' next to your 'physical land'? good luck with your future endeavors!