Passive Income Progress - Different ways to EARN passively on HIVE!

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Hello Friends, Family and Followers!

Today I wanted to do somewhat of a deep dive on the 'passive' incomes that I am making here on HIVE, as well as some of the not too passive ones.

I haven't looked at these numbers and I wanted to know, so I will just immediately make a post about it!


The big kid on the block - Splinterlands has been hot recently. The SPS airdrop continues, and the price continues to rise - as the price goes up the APR on holding DEC goes up as well, forcing that price higher!


Yesterday I made 87 SPS, and have been sending them to hive-engine to match with DEC and provide liquidity.


This is 76.21 dollars per day right now! Keep it up Splinterlands!

Also, I am renting some cards out, getting currently 2289 DEC per day - this is valued today at 34.56 dollars per day!

I won't include my daily battling and quest rewards, but I can earn another 10-30 dollars per day by participating in these active matches and getting the quest reward - which can be worth almost nothing, or be huge like a recent gold rare or an epic card.



Let's not forget about dCity, I still love this game even if many people have lost interest in it. I think its great for new players who want to get into other HIVE games from Splinterlands - Check out my Smallest Starter City Post to figure out how to get ~100% apr with a small amount invested.


I'm made 39509 SIM yesterday, at current prices this is 38.36 HIVE or 32.99 dollars per day!


Let's not forget ranking and holding rewards, which total another 28.975 Hive per day, or $24.91 dollars per day!



This doesn't include ENTRY or GAMER tokens, citizen or technology mining, although these are not as passive as I have to play the game to extract the value out of these drops.


Daily I am not only getting BRO votes on my post for holding BRO, I am also getting divs!


These are a bit more work to calculate - and some days the SPS drop is higher than this, as long as Ray remembers to claim them!

APE, BEE, STEM, LEO, SPT - these tokens can be sold or powered up to make me more powerful in the relevant communities!



While the APE price has fallen a bit on the market, the ROI is still very good in APE terms, and Marky has been teasing a new set of games that will use APE/STEM tokens. For now, I have been holding these and reinvesting into new miners.


Here is another great project that I love, the prices have dropped recently but not my belief in the project! First, we have the daily drips and ARCHONM mining ARCHON -


More ARCHON, some DHEDGE, HUSTLER tokens (?) and a bit of SIM.

Don't forget that the ARCHONM miners also pay out in liquid hive! This is a lottery chance (4 miners per hour), but the pennies are adding up! Each win now gives out 0.07 hive per miner, which is up over time from 0.025 - so the account is growing its capacity for mining (at the same time the ARCHONM miners are very cheap!)



Discohedge has not had any exciting updates recently, but the project is still alive and asset backed. We also get daily drips, including HIVE:


As well as a smattering of hive-engine tokens:


More ARCHON and DHEDGE, as well as LEO tokens, BRO tokens (!!!) and MEME tokens (??).

Weekly income

That's pretty much it for the dailies - but how about WEEKLY passive income?


I just figured out that I should be staking my UTOPIS, so next week's payout might be even stronger, but I am happy to say that I hold UTOPIS and I think its a great project - its giving out hive-engine tokens now as well!



As well as a liquid hive payout -


I can't wait to see my bonus amounts next week, now that I am staking everything!


Let's not forget the Blurt Yield Token by @rycharde - which pays out Swap.HIVE dividends every week!


HP delegations

I am also delegating some HP for weekly income, including some private leases. An extra 73.64 dollars a week for me!


What are your passive income strategies on HIVE? Let me know if you have a strategy that I missed, and in an upcoming post I will list out all of my 'active income strategies', to figure out if I am spending my time wisely or not!

Freedom and Friendship!

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I think I use most of the items listed here.

Your comment votes are at another level! Can you imagine if SBI turned on comment voting again? 👩‍🚒

I can’t control how Anthony uses his stake.

The best I can do is to make sure I lower the other accounts’ VP before I comment. It’s been a mild nuisance.


Luckily you leave good comments!

Can you imagine if SBI turned on comment voting again? 👩‍🚒

Probably they should. That would encourage interaction/engagement in the comment section of the Hive blockchain in general.

Well done! I'd love to get to a point where I have a solid portfolio like yours.
It'll take years of work and investment but I'll get there.
Thanks, that was very interesting 👊🙂

PS: It'd be interesting to see what's your take on which projects to get in now. Should I spread thin on everything or would you suggest UTOPIS for instance or something else? It can be an idea for a post: "Best Cheap Opportunities for Beginners" or something like that. Just an idea...

Nah. It's not real money.
Wink, wink.

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Definitely just monopoly money!

I can imagine how rich you are Chief.
Passive incomes on Hive is very important.
I ve a lot to learn now tho, some of the afore mentioned are still abit strange to me.
I won't mind your help learning more.
I read the links you referred to tho.

I started posting just four years ago with very few tokens! keep it up!

Thanks Chief.

Is DCity still around 100% APR? Before buying my law firm recently, I was barely getting any SIM due to the taxes and despite a 6% chance to get immigrants, I haven't gotten any new homeless or immigrants in the past 2 months or so. I guess I did mine like 1 technology. The only plus side is getting some holding rewards since I am in the diesel pool.

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its hard to know, the starter cities are doing ~100% apr just on citizen mining, obviously that doesn't scale. The SIM holding has been about 80-90% apr, but the sim printing has been very low with the recent hive price pressure - and war is a racket!

This is absolutely good to see and of all I sincerely think I need a perfect financial structure like this also,this is really good to see.

Honestly I will say you are on the edge of financial freedom boss,I cherished your investment knowledge

Not only I'm learning from your splinterlands contents but also how to make a stream of passive income from the hive ecosystem. Truly impressive as I didn't know anything about that!

Could staking UTOPIS be a good start for a newbie to get started?

I like UTOPIS, it does require some trust of the operator, @chronocrypto , but the divs have been quite good!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Very great post, thanks!

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I've been independent since 2018! Drastically reducing my living expenses helped a lot - for now I am looking at investing in my local community!

Would love to see more posts about how you achieved it! I think lots of folks are trying to get to that point as well!


That's a good idea, I will put on my to-do list a post about my long-term strategies!

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