How to Receive POSH Tokens? Joining the Cause?

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Thanks to @acidyo for introducing POSH tokens to Hive community giving the community an extra chances of earning. These earnings (in shape of POSH tokens) are the incentives that are paid to those Hive users who are spreading the word about Hive on Twitter.

I appreciate this initiative.

The idea of POSH is to incentivize sharing posts onto Twitter to bring traffic onto our ecosystem and front-ends.

The acceptable frontends currently are:


Users can earn POSH tokens by registering their Twitter with Hive account through its website

I have been facing some issue while completing my registration with @poshtoken but now that I have done it, I wanted to try to explain how the registration process for POSH tokens works in a simple way plus I may influence a few other users as well to join the cause.

How to Register

  1. Go to and login your Twitter account from there.
  2. Then you will see a command asking you to authorize poshtoken to access your account.
    image 1.png
    3.Now you have to go through Hivesigner transaction by logging on Hivesigner in order to authorize account.
    image 2.png
  3. When you see both of your accounts from Hive and Twitter on the left side of your page, that means you are now registered.

How to Receive POSH

  1. When you write a post, #hive should be included in your post tags.
  2. Share your post link on your Twitter account.
  3. Don't forget to add #hive in your tweet a well.

If you receive a comment from @poshtoken under your post, that means you are all set to recieve some POSH tokens.

PS: I already have received 2 likes on my tweets from a Twitter user irrespective of the fact that my Twitter account is sort of new. That means this thing could really work well if it's continued for a longer term.

Anyway thanks again and I hope this little tutorial may have helped you register with

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I really liked the whole project from the first time I saw it! You did a great job explaining it in the post btw! Also I didn't know that #hive should be included in post tags! Thanks for the heads up!

Good that it somehow helped you :)

My friend @cryptohaytham was looking for this information since atleast 2 weeks. I highly appreciate you share this information with us.

I had my posh account but then I forgot how to setup account :(


Good that it will help out both of you :)

Thanks for sharing this info! I have been authorized, but somehow I cannot link my account....Do you know how we can solve this problem?? Well, but when I post on Twitter, I receive a message from #poshtoken so does it mean that it has been linked? 🧐


Did you click the Link Account tab?

Ah cool! I Will look into this!

Im not a twitter user, but this project will surely produce some exposure for us! Awesome :-)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at


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Good one here

thank you for sharing friend

Hello! apart from attracting more people to hive, what else would we achieve this? what do you mean by saying "ready to receive posh token" i don't quite understand :( @eddiesun

i will do it as soon as possible. thanks for the explanation