Ohio Train Derailment

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This is a story that deserves a lot more attention than it's being given.

I mentioned it briefly in my conspiracy post but that was under the context of the Apocalypse is real and the government is trying to kill us all. That is obviously (or not so obviously) not what's going down here, and it deserves a bit more respect and actual research than that.

Of course by 'actual research' I mean compiling some 'evidence' from social medias like Twitter and TikTok and reading one or two MSM articles on it. It's not like I'm a journalist or a chemist. I'm an overpaid amateur blogger. Crypto is generous like that.


On with the show!

So I guess I'll begin with the first thing I saw about it, which was this random 4chan post or whatever. This is obviously a bold claim, and there is actually a lot of truth to it, but we have to do a lot more research to figure out what is accurate and what is alarmism.

So I decided to go the opposite way and see what MSM is saying about it.



AP is a well respected institution, but if you believe the shill that it is the most trusted source of information... then you basically haven't been paying attention at all. Still, let's see what they have to say.

Crews released toxic chemicals into the air from five derailed tanker cars that were in danger of exploding Monday and began burning it after warning residents near the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line to leave immediately or face the possibility of death.

The slow release of vinyl chloride from five rail cars into a trough that was then ignited created a large plume above the village of East Palestine but authorities said they were closely monitoring the air quality.

So right off the bat...

We see that a lot of these facts are not being contested. It is reasonable to assume (when all parties agree) that these events did indeed occur in the way they were represented by MSM when those events are even being corroborated by so-called conspiracy theorists.

Officials warned the controlled burn would send phosgene and hydrogen chloride into the air. Phosgene is a highly toxic gas that can cause vomiting and breathing trouble and was used as a weapon in World War I.


The process involves using a small charge to blow a hole in the cars, allowing the material to go into a trench and burning it off before it’s released in the air, he said. The crews handling the controlled release have done this safely before, Deutsch said.

So we can see that explosives were in fact used and they did "blow it up" but not to the extent that conspiracy theorists are claiming. The explosives were used as a tool to create a controlled demolition environment that made this chemical easier to burn in a trench they built for this purpose.

Forced evacuations began Sunday night in East Palestine after authorities became alarmed that the rail cars could explode after a “drastic temperature change” was observed in a rail car.

Rock vs Hard Place?

So what's being claimed by MSM is that burning this stuff was much smarter than not. Is this actually true? More research is required.

Five were transporting vinyl chloride, which is used to make the polyvinyl chloride hard plastic resin in plastic products and is associated with increased risk of liver cancer and other cancers, according to the federal government’s National Cancer Institute

It's reasonable to assume that a lot of people in Ohio and Pennsylvania are going to get liver cancer depending on how badly this incident was botched. The more of this chemical they were able to burn, the better, and I'll have to explain later why I know this to be the case.

Federal investigators say the cause of the derailment was a mechanical issue with a rail car axle.

More on this later...

Mayor Trent Conaway, who declared a state of emergency in the village, said one person was arrested for going around barricades right up to the crash. He warned people to stay away and said they’d risk arrest.

Is this the journalist that got arrested?
Very shady if they left that bit out.



This report was issued an hour ago and I haven't read it yet... so let's go over it together. The New York Times is also a "trusted institution".

On Feb. 3, a train derailed in the village of East Palestine, setting off evacuation orders, a toxic chemical scare and a federal investigation.

It is important to know exactly when this happened, especially considering the government is being accused of "blowing up" the tankers and creating a disaster on purpose. Looks like they were sitting around for quite some time before drastic measures were taken.

On Feb. 12, the E.P.A., after monitoring the air, said it had not detected contaminants at “levels of concern” in and around East Palestine, although residents might still smell odors.

Yeah reports are that it smells like a pool at a hotel.
Not... great.

had not detected vinyl chloride or hydrogen chloride, which could cause life-threatening respiratory issues.

So it's being reported that the really bad chemicals have been burned off.

Fearing an explosion, the authorities performed a controlled release of the toxic materials from five train car tankers on Feb. 6, and the contents were diverted to a trench and burned off.

Mostly this article repeats the same story even though it comes 8 day later.

The West Virginia subsidiary of American Water, which provides water services in 24 states, said on Feb. 12 that it had not detected any changes in the water at its Ohio River intake site.

Residents of the area have complained of headaches and feeling sick since the derailment.

Ten days after the derailment, Senator J.D. Vance, Republican of Ohio, said in a statement on Twitter that it was a “complex environmental disaster” that would require long-term study.

Certainly they conclude with the most honest statement possible.


Onto Twitter/TikTok testimonials

This is a very good thread about what's going on.

It explains a lot of the flaws that result from capitalism and sacrificing security and safety for more profits, in addition to a bunch of other stuff. From this it looks like the air pollution isn't the problem, which is interesting because this is the thing that most people are alarmist amount (because it can be seen with the naked eye). If fact most of the evidence points to the idea that it would have been great if they burned it all (which they did not).

This is just more conspiracy theorist sentiment that doesn't add a ton of value. "The government is killing you," and such. However I chose to add it because I happen to live right outside that scary red radius on the east border of PA. Pretty crazy to think that I just moved here a year ago from California.

I actually am slightly worried about eating food exported from Ohio at this point. Still unclear if this fear is irrational or not, but I get the feeling we're going to find out one to five years down the line. Many are calling this a Chernobyl-level event, which again is a huge exaggeration. Obviously these chemicals are not as bad as a full on nuclear meltdown, but it is still pretty bad.

And then this is a Twitter link but it forwards to a TikTok video. I guess TikTok is good for something after all because the insight that this guy has to offer is better than all the other information I've found put together and then some. I'm also told he's done like 20 videos on the subject but I've only seen three so far. Basically he fills in all the holes that were left from the previous bits of data we found.



Vinyl Chloride boils at 8 degrees Fahrenheit

OSHA permissible safety limit is 1 part per million per 8 hours.

The five train cars carried about a million pounds total.

Many byproducts of burning it: one is hydrogen chloride.

Hydrogen chloride is extremely volatile and bonds to other molecules creating new molecules.

When it bonds to water vapor it creates hydrochloric acid.

So we can already see that burning it was the correct call.

If the permissible limit of vinyl chloride is 1 part per million over a single shift... holy hell that's the last thing you want leaking into the ground and into the air and water supply. As crazy as it sounds creating acid is WAY better than that. Again the sketchy part is that none of the MSM goes into any of this and they just regurgitate the message they are told. Nick Drom goes into this at the end of the video quite aptly:

The responsible party, in this case Norfolk Southern Railway, always plays down the reality of the situation.

Politicians also just repeat the same lines.

... and then news outlets just repeat the same so all we're hearing is the responsible party's word.

This is why we can trust Nick Drom from Tiktok (lol) more than any other source that I've found thus far. Why? Because he approaches it from a scientific standpoint and doesn't let his emotions get in the way. He's not speculating about anything and he knows his shit. He also understands capitalism and even explicitly explains why we are getting watered down information from all the "trustworthy sources".

Because the "trustworthy sources" are actually just getting their information from the corporation who is legally responsible and nobody wants to make waves. Even "environmentalists" are silent, which republicans have been quick to point out the hypocrisy when it's not emanating from their side of the political isle.

@nickdrom on TikTok:

Why are you hearing about this from me?
Why are we hearing about these other chemicals for the first time?
Why did the rail company build over the burn trench?
Why are air quality reports being submitted but not water?

This post is already running long so I may have to do another post later after watching and taking notes on all the Nick Drom videos on this subject, as clearly the quality of information he is providing is top notch compared to all other sources I can find thus far.

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So earlier today "buttplug" was trending and wouldn't you know it that's exactly on topic for this post. Because Pete Buttigieg (lovingly referred to as "Buttplug" by republicans) happens to be the transportation secretary, and he's got plenty to say about diversity in the workplace and nothing to say about this devastating train wreck. Fun timeline we got here.


Fuck this where's my conspiracy crack?

Okay junkie don't worry I got something here just for you:

Would you believe me if told you there was a 2022 summer movie called White Noise starring Adam Driver about a train full of toxic chemicals derailing in Ohio?



Obviously this is predictive programming, we are living in a simulation and the Apocalypse has started (been going a while now). You will be tested, mortal. The battle between good vs evil rages on. Choose your side wisely.


Happy Valentine's Day


So you missed this? Talk about conspiracy theories..

~~~ embed:1625245542379843585?t=Q9ltUmJx2fe8mjH6ZfVR6Q&s=19 twitter metadata:RE1vZmZpY2lhbHRydXRofHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0RNb2ZmaWNpYWx0cnV0aC9zdGF0dXMvMTYyNTI0NTU0MjM3OTg0MzU4NXw= ~~~

Looks like it's training collision and flying ballons season in the US. While Rihanna performs dressed in a "red devil" outfit. What a great time to be alive.

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ummmm, ima go live under a rock

It’s been so far confirmed two of the “UFO”’s were HAM Radio signal balloons 🎈

The USA changed something in their Radar system and it’s picking up things it didn’t b4. This is such a jokev

This is pathetic

And they blew 400,000 missile on these...

U gotta check out the KE test no agenda Show! They go over all this!

Here's the tweet for anyone that can't see it (eg. Hive Blog):

There’s a new one in Michigan today also!

I live on the edge of the blast zone, and I think it's probably safe to say our food has been contaminated for awhile here.

The Ohio river is FILTHY, it always has been. We have a long history of dumping chemical waste in it. Then there's the Cuyahoga River, which feeds into several aquifers in the basin. It's caught on fire something like 11 times. We named a beer after it "Great lakes burning river" lol. That's a great summary of how everyone in Ohio feels. We've had terrible water quality for a long time.

Our governor has been covering up radioactive waste and unpotable levels of contamination in our water for 2+ years. Of course, we've been busy with the scandal where he illegally gave 9 million dollars to a faulty nuclear plant to keep it running LOL

We're all just lobsters in a slowly boiling pot "this is normal."

Wow... thanks for sharing I did not realize there was a bit more history to it.

What an excellent post thanks for laying out the 2 sides

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This is just more conspiracy theorist sentiment that doesn't add a ton of value.

That Stew Peters tweet mentions the county I live in as one of the places within 200 miles that are affected. I am nearly 500 miles away.

Thank you for trying to tease some of the truth out of this story.

"The government is killing you,"

A few of my friends got into politics after college and have various government jobs. During college they were all like:

"Damn, I really want to kill everyone. My mom, dad, you, kids on the playground, birds and the bees in sky and the fishes in the sea. I want to smell the UV rays burning everyone's skin through the holes in the ozone. (they would get really poetic about it sometimes)."

Now I know why they wanted to join the government. untitled.gif

Next time there's a derailment combined with a hazardous spill, I'll be demanding my government hire randoms from places like Twitter to get in there and take care of it. People on the internet from thousands of miles away always know more about these things and would have done a better job in a shorter period of time.

Ignoring your hilarious sarcasm that masks your actual position: I'm going to go on official record here and point out that out of all the sources I used, the Associated Press and the New York Times were clearly the worst place to get information. I'd like anyone who reads this comment to reflect on how batshit insane that is.

I'm not sure it's insane. Reporters just do their job. They're not experts on anything other than, reporting. I once heard a reporter ask a scientist, "How did the water on Mars get there? Did it rain or something?" They often don't know what they're talking about, and don't know what kind of questions to ask.

If I was taking a position, when it comes to information, I'd say everything, from all directions, is unreliable.

Just looking around this comment section I see a tweet suggesting there were two more toxic spills involving trains. Doing my own research led me to discover that's not accurate. Also learned there are roughly 1700 derailments annually but looking around the internet, I'm seeing people acting like it's unusual or alarming.

Toxic spills are nasty and quite common on their own, without alarming clickbait headlines. I'm seeing this being compared to Chernobyl. That's pushing it but of course that sort of thing gets high ratings in social media. Volcanoes release hydrogen chloride as well. Millions of years worth compared to one tiny manmade train car explosion. Hydrochloric acid works great removing hard water stains from the toilet. And most of that shit was probably in the cigarettes I smoked for twenty years...

Maybe I'm just desensitized.

ha.ha! tricked you into adding value to my post!

HA! Tricked you into revealing your ulterior motive!

How do you always beat me at 4D chess?

Reporters are just paid to push propaganda mostly.

People on the internet push propaganda, for free.

Id like to watch from the bushes.

Take some friends with you. Gets lonely out there...

Anyone could do a better job. Another one in Michigan today,this is insanity

I disagree. Majority of the population hasn't even taken a basic WHMIS course. Majority of the population, if presented an emergency including fire, would pull out a phone and record it, rather than grab a fire extinguisher.

Worst typo ever at the beginning.

I was supposed to say "this is clearly not going on" but forgot to type "not" because I had already typed "not" in the parenthesis. Not the best way to set the tone. Oops.

That is obviously (or not so obviously) not what's going down here, and it deserves a bit more respect and actual research than that.

lol. Im just messing around with the idea that government exists to murder everyone.
This is a local issue, im not informed on it too much, or wish to be. I mean it sucks, toxic is bad, but this is not the Turkey earthquake with 40 000 people dead.

Earthquakes are natural disasters, of course in Turkey buildings were not prepared for that, better not to think about what would happen in USA with an earthquake of 7 on the Richter scale.

And yes, is a local disaster but happened while all the security measures were ignored, the syndicates told that this could happen, and here we are one year later. Biden even forbid one of the transport syndicates strikes.

USA would be fine if it hit there. The paper houses in the US would suffer less damage than the concrete buildings in Turkey.

They don’t use the Richter scale since over decade ago. When it’s reported now it’s a new scale where a 7 is approx a 4.4 on Richter/ look into it

Richter Scale hasn’t been used in 15 years. This wasn’t a 7 on Richter scale. The new scale a 9 is a 6 on Richter. Media reports the new scale not Richter

Bullshit. Richter scale is the international measure for earthquakes still in the world.

Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.jpg

Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.jpg

Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.jpg

Hasn’t been for 15 years here in the west.

nice yeah...

Also someone tried to tell me that even the Turkish gov thinks USA caused that quake. I don't know if I'm ready to keep doing conspiracy posts lol.

Oh. Now USA can cause earthquakes. 😂
Weird how they only attack their allies that have countries in seismically active zones. Turkey, Japan... lol

Yeah something about HAARP satellites shooting high intensity low frequency beams at the edges of the quake before it happened. Maybe I'll look into it but energy beams summoning the volcano god might be out of my depth.

U can make jokes but it’s declassified

It’s literally admitted technology as of 1985 so yea.

I mean they do!

It will likely be worse, they’ll be 300K with cancer because of this within a few years.

Thanks. I guess I can rest easy after reading this. I had to call my daughter in WV after seeing the possible aftermath map. She had not heard of it but said she would keep an ear open.

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Good summary. There are just too many “coincidences” to be coincidences.

This month so far has been very eventful, and we are only at the halfway mark.

Here's another conspiracy theory for you: the earthquake in Turkey was created by using HAARP technology.

Somehow pedo Pete made Turkey pay for its disgusting "nonobedience".

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Indeed a super hardcore conspiracy buddy of mine was talking about that with me the other day.

We have had several ones in my country since yesterday. In my town two of them have been felt but the epicenter was 120 kilometers away from here where they had something like five or six over a couple of days ranging from 3 to 5 Richter.

It’s admitted USA Government had this tech in the eighties. Imagine what they have today.

They admitted they had this tech in the eighties. Weather wars are a conspiracy indeed. Powers that be conspire and have weather wars.

Very shortly after the Fukushima earthquake I became aware that the public website of the Alaskan HAARP facility had a live graph showing the power output of the grid. It clearly showed that the power was amping up gradually in the previous days and then stopped abruptly shortly after the earthquake began. They then removed the graph from public view not long after - once people started talking about it on social media.

Unfortunately they have it in Romania as well and for the past couple of days we keep on having 5 degrees quakes. In the cawe or the one from Turkey it seems that they used the antennas they got in Syria.

I have never seen evidence that all of the array are controlled by the same group, but maybe.

OSHA permissible safety limit is 1 part per million per 8 hours.

although residents might still smell odors.

Is that small of an amount detectable by the human nose???

So we can see that explosives were in fact used

Is that really a great idea with a flammable substance that's already under enough pressure to explode???

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Is that small of an amount detectable by the human nose???

I highly doubt that.

Is that really a great idea with a flammable substance that's already under enough pressure to explode???

It seems like this has been done before and is standard operating procedure.

It seems like this has been done before and is standard operating procedure.

I wouldn't have volunteered to be the first to try it 😲


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Hazmat is a crazy dangerous job.

But also a lot of the theory behind it is forged by chemists and other experts in the field.
Real experts not fake MSM experts.

Definitely lucky they're on the job! Some really dedicated people...


I think it's funny how you and everyone else talking about this (which is a LOT of people) always start off with "no one is talking about this" or "This isn't getting any attention" :P Half my FYP is talking about Ohio, and the rest is Aliens hahaha

No one is talking about it bro!

Not saying I don't disagree - it should be talked about more, it's just funny how everyone parrots the same sentiment 🦜

Really weird stuff happening all the time, makes me wonder at times. If only the government were ever transparent with anything they did we wouldn't need to doubt them.

This is the first time I read these details about the incident. Come for the rewards stay for the bloggers.

One thing i haven't heard from is.... there is a company out there that isn't getting their 4 train cars full of Vinyl Chloride. There is going to be a huge lull in some industry. Sorry sir, that is out of stock...

one of the real life impacts... that isn't even mentioned.

It is almost as if some govern-cement agency ordered 4 tank cars full of Vinyl Chloride and had them set here for this day.

Where is she of "How Dare You" to call out attention to this huge environmental catastrophe?


This is either the most selective accident ever
Someone set us up the bomb

All your base are belong to us.


Thank you for this. I had no idea this was this bad. I'm in Buffalo NY and not far from the danger zone. My uncle had a place in Cattaraugus county. I've heard very little but a mention on MSM.

We are living in a simulation for sure. I have seen several glitches in the Matrix the more I become aware.

I watched white noise about a month ago and when I heard about this incident I immediately thought of the movie... but didn't recall that it happened in the same place IRL... wow!

And then this is a Twitter link but it forwards to a TikTok video.

Nick Drombosky is also on Twitter but he hasn't shared any videos there, unfortunately.


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When the subject of Reality vs. Fiction comes into discussions about what happened in East Palestine, one good example someone mentioned on Twitter is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In the film (spoiler alert) US government concocts the story about train with toxic chemicals derailing in order to cover up the arrival of aliens. Few weeks ago it appears that someone worked very hard to sell story about aliens arriving in order to focus attention out of the train with toxic chemicals derailing.

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Heya @edicted !. Thanks for creating this post, found it informative 🤓

Funny how there always seems to have been a movie made that reflects later events when it comes to suspicious explosions..

Such amazing coincidences!