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So a week or two ago I said I told @deathwing I'd put a bid in for him as a witness. He needed a few million more HP in votes to make it into the top 20.


And wouldn't you know it...

He got into the top 20 anyway without my help.
Good for him.

But I still think more people should upvote this witness.

I am not one to shill witnesses. This is the first witness I've ever told anyone to vote for in my four years here. So why have I started a political campaign now?

He's here, he's there, he's everywhere.

@deathwing has risen the witness list very quickly because he's put in a lot of work for this tiny corner of the internet.

  • His full-node API is widely used and is known as one of the most reliable ones out there.
  • He's got a Discord bot called FRIDAY that provides valuable information about Hive, Hive-Engine, Splinterlands, CUB, ETC.
  • He's got knowledge of how EVM chains like ETH, BSC, MATIC, work and has created liquidity bots that make it easy to transfer Hive into gas on these networks so we can hit the ground running.
  • He's constantly helping other developers on Hive get things done and asks for very little (if anything) in return.
  • We can basically think of him as a "full-stack" developer for Hive that's constantly branching out and connecting to new networks and their associated APIs. Interoperability is key.


Top 20

Having a top 20 salary on Hive is no joke. At these prices is easily six figures ($160k/year right now). This is a lot of money, but being so low on the rankings means he could be voted out of the top 20 at any time. It would be better if he was higher ranked on the list for job security. If Hive pays @deathwing's salary, he's going to have a lot more hours to spend developing cool stuff for us here. We need devs like this to be quitting their job and coming to work for Hive full time. Everyone on the network benefits from this in one way or another. Let's keep him in the top 20, shall we?



I already voted For him since, I love the FRIDAY Bot, I found it really cool and helpful.

I did vote for hextech now after removing a witness that doesn't need my vote lol😅



Here's a post to explain why I have upvoted @deathwing and helped move him into the Top 20 :)

Thanks, Edicted! And also a huge thanks to everyone who voted me from this post and who already voted for me before.

You deserve it!!
Thanks for all you do... and thank you for helping me and @ciuoto with our witness :) Your way of being made you a top 20 ;)

I agree with @lallo
Thank for you support

I'm here for the free comment upvote to state I also vote for deathwing sir


Deathwing is amazing! :D

Thank you :D

Why didn't you do "the campaign" sooner?
Will vote for him right now. I trust you, man... Roy Kent it is 😉

Fuck it... I already voted for him. I guess I' having the Biden syndrome.

Since I lost few hive by sending to a wrong account and finding out about @deathwings api that has the feature to prevent such transactions to a level, I thought it was genius and I’ve switched to using his APi ever since.

He’s a sure person. 👍🏽

I voted for him long time ago, when he was still in the 30s-40s. Great to see him move up the ranks!

voted a long time ago.

He has some cool tools for swapping hive into bnb and back. He is a true builder!

His bots and programs are really valuable. I like the BSC bridge a lot

Ya sure, you betcha. (channeling my inner Minnesotan)

30 votes sometimes makes it hard to remember why I voted for someone (in every case, there was once a good reason). So unvoting can be tough, but I chose the one with the oldest price feed. Gotta keep up.

You can always unvote anyone in the top 5.

They don't need your vote to stay up there. :D

Just added, nice to have people like this making Hive better!

I got recommended using his node a few times on HIVE and I like the various bridges he makes. So I voted for him a while back. I just checked the Witness list and it looks like he is rank 22 now.

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I have often seen his name as you mentioned helping other projects and developers. Definitely will give him a vote as I have extra slots !
Thanks for highlighting him

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Damn that's a tight race for that 20 spot. Could probably sit here all day messing with people with my votes. Now you're in, now you're not, now you're in, now you're not.

But I won't. And I already voted for deathwing.

Just do the old kingscrown thing, unvote them and in dm ask for their autovote to get it back. 👍

There once was a witness that downvoted me the moment I unvoted LOL! But that's between me and him.

Classic. Don't forget those curation projects voting up already well rewarded authors in hopes of a witness vote + with other people's trails. @edicted knows what I'm talking about.

People will always look for an edge. Lacking integrity always comes around to bite them in the ass though. Universal law. Can't be broken.

Uh, what?

What are you talking about?

curation trails... upvoting authors... in exchange for governance votes... with other people's trails.
I seriously don't get it.
How do you upvote a witness with someone else's stake without a proxy?

Oh wait there was that one witness who was running around doing that shit.
Lawls. Took me long enough. Look how far down the ranks he is now. kek.
My memory is such shit half the time.

Now you're in, now you're not, now you're in, now you're not.

I've actually thought about this being a permissionless way to virtually increase the number of consensus witnesses. At least distribute the block rewards out to more than 20 witnesses. Requires a lot of stake and a bot to pull it off though.

That would create a new tier that gets paid less than top 20 but more than lower rankings. But an unstable tier. Chain still runs though regardless. That's funny in a way. Could have the entire top twenty alternating daily. Would take a bit of centralized thinking to pull it off though and I don't think too many would be fans.

I think the number of consensus witnesses should be determined by vote.
+1 / +0 / -1 option every month.
Static 20 seems incorrect.

Unfortunately the people in charge of the code are the witnesses,
and therefore they have negative financial incentive to allow more than 20.
Also there are way bigger priorities in play than tweeking consensus.

In theory fewer positions leads to those holding those positions or vying for them doing more work; being more productive. So there's that, too. 100 positions could lead to 50 slackers vying for a free lunch. That competition element brings out the best.

Yes, but also in theory a lot of the witnesses are scrappy as hell and can make a tiny bit of money go a long long way. Paying 40 witnesses half as much could lead to massive gains for the network in addition to providing more decentralized consensus. It could be a win/win and we have no idea because we didn't try.

Also is the fact that token price will not increase linearly with server costs. Hive itself could go x100 but the servers only cost two or three times as much: meaning we are wasting money by centralizing our funds more than we should be.

It's quite clear that a lot of these governance issues should be voted on rather than statically set in stone. But if we have to prototype it on a token built on Hive before Hive realizes it has value, so be it.

I do not disagree. Also experiencing déjà vu; the conversations are nothing new.

They are not.

Although the price of Hive and the direction of this network have changed a bit.
Next few years gonna be very interesting.

Just checked and yep, I'm using Deathwing's node.

Okay, voted.

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Yeah, @deathwing is the most underrated witness. Don't try to change my mind.

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If true be the word, then he's been approved!

I think he is already having my witness vote.
If not, I will do it then :)

good to see some users supporting each other, I will see your proposal and if I like it then he will have my tiny vote, one more of many ;D

I just recently added him to my votes as well.

He's got knowledge of how EVM chains like ETH, BSC, MATIC, work and has created liquidity bots that make it easy to transfer Hive into gas on these networks so we can hit the ground running.

Oh, I'm learning something new again from you, and most importantly, something I need! Thank you! And of course I will vote for the creator. Indeed, he is worthy of it.

Done! A long time ago.

I did give a vote and suddenly it jumped up to top 20.
The race to the top is fierce.
Lately if Hive value continue to rise, to be top 20 you need to be 24/7 otherwise other witnesses will rise up to the task.

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Voted :)
Had 1 spare vote sitting around not knowing whom to vote for :D

Been a user of his bridge services. Never knew he was a witness. Vote casted

I love the bot, voted!

He definitely deserves it.

Done !

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Maybe I'm subjective, but my @deathwing node is often more stable

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After @ecency the best RPC node from New Zealand.