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Hello everyone,

Recently I decided to take a step forward in my involvement with Hive. Nothing more & nothing less than helping on the validation layer with my own witness node: @empo.witness

Hive has given me a lot, so why not give something back...? It's the least an individual can do for a place/ecosystem which I'm already used to calling 'home'.

Who I am?

If you've been around the Leofinance umbrella, probably you might have come across one of my posts somewhere, since I've been posting from this account since mid-2019 approx.
My Steem Hive history comes since long before, around mid-late 2017. When I discovered HIVE and fell into the rabbit hole I have not been able to detach myself ever since.


I'm one of those 'self-made' crypto traders who learned his lesson the hard way. Got financially wrecked in 2018, recovered, and surged from its own ashes through a lot of sweat in 2020-2021(and a few tears along the way...).

In mid-2021 I launched my own project ('SEED') inspired by other ventures in the Hive-Engine ecosystem like SPI & UTOPIS. So far it's been an awesome experience while I'm still building the foundations and I can't be more grateful with the Hive community overall.

I felt that setting up a 'backup witness' was the natural step forward. Also in Hive Engine, since I'm running my own business on its infrastructure.

Server Specs

@bala41288 is helping me in the background with the technical endeavors.
The witness is on a VPS from @privex with the following specs:

CPU: 4 Core
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: 500 GB
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Current Focus

Most of my Hive activity is related to my own project & the SEED token. Logically this won't change but I'm always looking to support other communities & empower other builders.

I notice that although trading & asset management is a big 'core' of my daily activity/thinking I'm slowly shifting to a 'buidl mentality'; & surely I WANT to keep building things on Hive, since I feel this is my home chain.

I would be very grateful to receive your vote as a witness. A big thank you for your support.

Witness account: @empo.witness

Hive (main chain) witness vote -
Hive Engine vote -


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Great. Will give you ny vote

Thx Adrian, your support means a lot since you're a true symbol of perseverance. A real Leofinance OG.

Glad to get your approval! :)

I wish I had a bunch of million HP on that vote, but OGs are poor these days... 😀

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One moar way to rekt us?


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Moar is always better 👀 (in that sense). Thx Jellyfish!

Done! Thank you for being a witness, it is highly appreciated :)

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Maybe I'm being a bit repetitive, but many thanks. Your support has always been invaluable :)

Looking forward to keeping building things with you at the side erikah!

Count with my vote mate!!! Give me just 30’ to have a nap 😂

My degen! ;)

The vote is out, you have also HE witness? I have some workerbee, so I could vote you there too :)

GM buddy

edit: both voted

My annoying bera on twittah haha Thx!



Always here to help! I have to vote for you, not to rug pull on SEED.

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'Trust me bro' this won't happen

We have the eggplant man, throwing dicks around, telling us his sexual preferences all day (even if he does not seem gay, but who knows), that might say a different thing.

Well, I trust you, so now back to work on that SEED at $100!

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Maybe 100$ it's a bit off the charts (well, for now), but def 5-10$ could be happening sooner than expected for many.

However, and that's a big 'if', we need a better foundation before chasing higher gains (and that means improving our base liquidity).

We'll get over there, we just need time... (and if dao pumps some, better).

Thx for your support alex :)

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Let's build up the solid foundation then. If you need my help, you know where to find me.

!PIZZA & !BEER for you!

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The expansion continues.

Each step of the way, every move like this, keeps adding to the overall breadth of Hive.

It is all part of the process of what people are doing to "buidl". We all have a part to play in this.

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ALthough 'setting up a witness' feels like something very huge (and I was very excited for this post the last few days), in the overall scheme of things it's only 'another step' (with a lot of importance! but another step after all).

Even without the technical skill, being part of an open-source community can leverage every one of us as individuals. That's the true power of 'the swarm'.

There's no problem out of reach for everyone :)

Amazing! Way to go empo

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You can have my dick

'and my sword... and my shield... COUNT WITH MY DICK MAI GENERAL'!


That's awesome. Congrats! Hive is lucky to have nice, cool hivers like u as witnesses.

nice. note: that's my wife's favorite color, so she would approve too. :)


We need more pro-LeoFinance Hive witnesses :)

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Waiting for a bear market to make my ´empo's hostile takeover' buying up hundreds of thousands of HIVE & helping leofinance reach that sweet 20th spot in the witness list, where it deserves to be :)

Great to see you getting your feet wet even more. Will give you my vote gladly and onwards and upwards from here.

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Like @erikah, I remember you being extremely supportive since the beginning of my (our) SEED journey (lol I just make it look like a cult lmao). A big thank you mr coffee :)


You've got my vote from my main @behiver account. Good luck!

Thank you! Much appreciated :)

I'm slowly shifting to a 'buidl mentality';

Will surely be following what ideas you play with.

I refer mainly to the fact that every day I'm looking less at price and looking more at 'how can we leverage this to the next level?'

Thanks for the support!

I hope you get success in all projects.

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Thanks bud, much appreciated


That's great news! You have my vote. Didn't even need to ask!

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much wow, such joy!

thank you!


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Thanks, Dalz, your vote means a lot :)

I'll share with you privately the next x100 when I find it (if ever!). Remember auto farm? That was such an unexpected victory.

Aaaawg... the good old times. Thx again mr stats!

Haha .... the next 100x :) Those are great. Auto has been an amzing ride... shared experiance.

just voted!

@tipu curate

Wohoooo! Thanks man :)

Voted. "since I feel this is my home chain" I like that!
Following you and SEED for a few months now, love the project.
Very hard to get more tokens at a low price!
Congrats and good luck!

Remember that you can always buy through beeswap/tribaldex pools! Should work fine if you're buying low amounts from time to time (better to avoid the normal market)

Thx for the good wishes!

Nice! I support quite a few backup nodes and I surely voted yours too. :)

Thank you Gadrian, backup nodes are the real heroes!

Remove one of the disabled witnesses I was voting and voted for you. You have been a great member of the community and is good to see you become even more involved with HIVE.

Thank you so much :)

Great to see it. Always nice to see the og's stepping up to the plate and taking a lead in the eco system.

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I prefer to remain modest, but you calling me 'og' made me smile. Have a great Sunday :)


Congrats on stepping up as a Witness.

It's nice to know you started up a witness. I just gave you my vote.

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Thanks bud, pleasure to get you onboard :)

will you be one of those cool witnesses that sends 0.001 Hive everyday :P ? plebs love their handouts

I prefer handjobs

those are boring, try rimjobs

I can accept payments for my witness votes. New Business Idea!

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sell out :)

lmao how we price that


Doesn't sound cool to me, sounds like abuse of the system, IMO!

No worries, it's a joke. @cmmemes is always joking and empo would never bribe people, no need for that :)

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there is already a witness doing that. But I voted for empo regardless he is too cool not to vote for him :)

Is that even worth it? :(

from only one witness no. From 30 it's at least something

Congratulations man, good to see your are doing well. Would love to support

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Congratulations for complete the step to be a HE witness.

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Was the logical step forward though. We need more!

Congrats. I have some open slots in my witnesses. I will vote for you. @cryptocharmers info you may be interested and witness to review.

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Not usre if I understood you properly, @cryptocharmers is your witness?

Sorry, I didn't mean to be confusing. I am adding you as a witness and I am letting @cryptocharmers know that he should also consider adding you as a witness also. We are both in a small community called HiveFive on Peakd. We and a few other friends are working on apps and developments for Hive Blockchain.

I can vote for you. Just looking into this as it might take a while. If you still not received my vote, it mean I not sure how to do it !


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I have voted for you, I know may be easy for some people. But I had to buy some bee worker tokens and stake it. Then go to tribaldex to vote. You are 57th on the list. I hope I got it right because I went to check it on peakd, it not tell me if I succeed in voting you. Anyways I looked in tribaldex and voted for you, it said it has been approved, so it mush be accepted !

voted with all my accounts


Congratulations ontaking this big step, and chanhng your level of involvement with Hive.

Perhaps one day you will be in the top 20!

I voted through Peakd, as I am still working through some growing pains with KeyChain.

But nonetheless, I am officially one of the supporters of your witness.

Bonne Chance!