Using HivePunks as a tool to onboard people on Hive & my punks on hive experience so far.

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In the last few days, I've been preparing a little present for one of my best friends in the offline world:


As you can see I grabbed a few punks (#6091, #2806, #414 and #6463; to be exact). Did a right-click & saved and printed them in the 'real metaverse'. This Saturday we're doing dinner at home, and I'll be taking profit off the occasion to give away these punks as presents for my guests.

With these kinds of images (or pixels!) happens something very particular, since you can easily think about a few 'attributes' about the person who's going to get the punk and gift one with a similar appearance. Let's check how I did it (what I have based on).

Punk #6091:


#6091 is a photographer, she also loves Daft Punk. Has a bohemian feel and dresses accordingly. I have seen her wear a beret sometimes, and for all these reasons I feel this is the perfect punk. A real alter ego of L. in the Hive Blockchain.

Punk #2806:


#2806 and #6091 are sisters. I also had the opportunity in 2016-2017 to share a flat with her and I know by first hand that she can be a bit bossy sometimes (no probs from my side, I love that). For that reason the 'Chinese Landlords Hat' it's the best item possible for her punky.

M. will laugh first and then probably will give me orders to delete this ASAP. Lol, how to tell her that the Hive chain is made of censorship-resistant content?

Punk #414:


#414 is the partner of #2806. For that reason, they're wearing the same cool glasses (how cool is that!).
J. is a designer and illustrator with a pretty 'normal' face which gave me a lot of headaches to associate punk with.

He loves to spend time alone and values calmness very highly. Was one of the few people around me who did not mind too much the forced lockdown back in 2020. For that reason, I knew 100% that I wanted a punk with white skin for him.

He also streams in twitch from time to time, this is one of many efforts to bridge him into Hive & 3speak (fingers crossed!).

Punk #6463:


Today (Jan 19) is #6463's birthday. When I was thinking about the perfect punk for my friend I thought about what @trumpman tells me every time.


And that's it. I looked for the gayest male punk around. If I'm gay, K. is at least twice as gay (without negative connotations). Smash the upvote button if you agree.

My Experience with Hive Punks.

When Hive Punks was launched by @themarkymark I fell in love with the whole thing and FOMO'ed in. Managed to grab 200 of them (2% of the whole supply which I still hold) and had the luck to get one of the rarest ones.

I got 1/5 of the 'laser eye punks'.


I sold it to @elmerlin on 31/12/2021 for 3000 HIVE (4300$ back at the time). Thank you so much for one of my most awesome trades, ever.

This move alone paid in full the investment for my remaining 200 punks, so it's a 'free ride' from me. If HIVE as an ecosystem ever gets recognized enough. This supply of punks is a gold mine, so I'll wait patiently while the time keeps doing its thing.

Not a matter of 'If'. it's more a matter of 'When'...

Every single individual who's benefitting from HIVE has the 'moral responsibility (in my humble opinion) to keep sharing the word and keep making this place more & more accessible. We're truly changing lives (apart from our own).

This little initiative is my little contribution for today. I have written and hidden a personalized message in each of the frames:

''Your alter ego [Punk #2806] awaits you in Hive''.

If they join I'll let them 'claim' his/her punk. It will be a great souvenir from a great celebration!


Hopefully, we see 4 new faces around soon! What are your thoughts about my 'real world NFT's'?

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter.


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I really love this post. Because the title is exactly the same way I feel about the role of punks on hive as well.

In the past month, I have bought and given away dozens of punks to users of liketu whilst running several participation challenges. I have used them as just a small incentive to create engagement and participation. I think they have been quite successful at achieving that.

I have also created a way for them to use them as reacts on liketu. Not exactly revolutionary but they are a fun way to "use" them, particularly in the social context and well, if Hive is not social, and not fun, then we're doing something wrong.

Unlike mr TM, I don't believe that "many users were turned away from HIVE because of short form content" -- actually I believe it is the opposite.

If we champion things like ProjectBlank as well as rewarding micro-engagements such as commenting, then we are already half way there to rewarding short-form content in the same way as well.

Every single individual who's benefitting from HIVE has the 'moral responsibility (in my humble opinion) to keep sharing the word and keep making this place more & more accessible. We're truly changing lives (apart from our own).

I agree completely. We have so many unique characteristics on Hive and different nuances to go down. The great thing is they are expanding over time. In other words, there is something here for everyone.

Personally, I feel the true game changer for Hive will be the introduction of #ProjectBlank. That is really going to onboard a lot of people in my opinion since it is easy with a low learning curve.

That will help to kick of what you describe.

Not a matter of 'If'. it's more a matter of 'When'...

Everyone on Hive truly needs to understand this.

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I'm also very curious to see projectblank being revealed. But not forget about ragnarok and 3speak!


underrated comment, as always.

Damn ! You are my hero @empoderat. This is just TOO COOL.

I love it and I hope they will appreciate it.

It sounds like you really put effort into selecting them and at least one of your guest (the NFT guy) will be very happy.

Very nice post bridging our world in the BlockhainVerse and the Real Metaverse as you put it.

Take care.

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This is awesome.

The prints themselves look like they're excellent quality, you've definitely done a great job there!

Even if they don't initially fully get it, I think over time they will get curious and end up seeing how cool this gift is.


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The FOMO with Punks seems real since it spread across a number of blockchains. People love them.

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Even if the frame stays in their living rooms as a 'cute present', the subliminal message of 'join hive u dumb' will remain ahaha

That would be really cool if the ended up joining. I didn't get to take part in the whole punks thing. I was travelling when they launched. I likely would have grabbed some if I had the chance. Oh well.

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Cant get into everything. We have to pick our battles.

I think you can pick up Punks on the open market for less than they were sold for in some instances.

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One of the guys asked me about NFT's the other day. Probably will enjoy this. alot.

One of the girls also asked me 'please help me to get started with Hive' a month ago or so.

Regarding the punks 'as an investment'. Don't lose your mind over that. It's a big uncertainty after all (but probably for hard core hivers will have a value).

Great points. That is cool that you are getting some interest in Hive. We need more dedicated and active people!

Good initiative, and what a good move to enter the hive punks world for free, there will be good prices now?

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That's very nice! The whole Punks thing happened right when I was in the first days of starting my business so I missed it. I might grab a few on the open market because I also really enjoyed the concept and I think they will be part of something bigger in the future.

Anyway, great idea! Congrats!


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Trendy NFT collections for sure can capture new users' attention. We just need to take a look at WAX how good they are doing and I think we can do even better.

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I saw some for 20 hive so I'll get one when i can.

Lol those punks in the frames, interesting :p

This is a good approach to get your folks involved on here too. You really put smiles on my face reading how you wrote about them. I am already guessing how they look ( their punks + story)
And yo! You grabbed 200 Hive punks? Wow.

There were a number of large buyers. We saw a lot of activity over those 36 hours. It was truly a site to see.

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I hope they also smile when manage to read this post lol

It's an interesting idea and I hope they do join because of it.

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Everything in Hive, give alot of opportunity to the participants, that's while I like the community.

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A lot of ways to attract people.

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This is an awesome conversation starter to get people interested in hive.

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Mastered over the years!

However, the best opener is to don't be interested at all. They will come soon or later.

Where do i go to pick one up?

Great one man!
Love how you printed them :)
I have gifted a few hive punks, they are awesome gifts ..... usualy :)

'usually' someone didn't react as expected bud? Tell me more pls


Haha .... well some people just dont get it and give you that look like you are crazy

Ah... let it be, then ;)

very cool!!


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This is so great, I really love this idea and I may use this idea in the future to onboard people as well as I have a nice family of #hivepunks. Awesome way to promote #hive!

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that's cool :D

I'm also going to buy myself a few punks. And then I will give a couple of pieces to friends.

Nice! I've been wanting to print out a giant poster of all the punks and one of #1.

You will need a very big printer for that. LOL

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I would get it professional printed by a Poster company.

That's how I did it. 5 euros for the 4 punks adapted to a 20x15 frame. (frames, obviously apart).

The total cost of the operation is 60$ (every frame costs 15$ or so). You can get it cheaper though.