EOS - A Flatlining Blockchain?

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If you follow my blog you will know I am always digging around in the data to see if there are any interesting trends to find.
Coinmetrics proivdes some great sources of data for digging into the Blockchain and today I couldn't help be struck by the picture of EOS active addresses.

Is this was a Blockchain that is flatlining looks like?


  • In contrast Bitcoin has a much healthier pulse



Other Metrics that you can look at for activity of course are daily transactions.

Again EOS has a worrying trend


  • But its worth noting here that there are still significant volumes of transactions, averaging 1m per day.

But a healthier Blockchain such as BTC has the following trend in transactions


  • Albeit from a much lower base averaging 283k per day.

So what do you think about the future of EOS?

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I am hoping that EOS will do what Hive did and fork away from Block one. Dan has left the building but still seems interested in developing on it. If it can get its governance sorted I expect to see it beginning again with a fresh start.
I still have one Eos staked with the Rex and am happy to leave it there until the clouds clear.

I think EOS was always a bit overrated and hyped, the trend does not look healthy in my opinion. No organic growth or usage despite all the money block one got.

The top two apps on dapp radar are upland and yup. Yup are looking to move to another blockchain afaik and i tried out upland and it wasn't anything special, but i guess it does tie into the metaverse hype at the moment.

There seems to be very few applications considering the money put in. The meetup groups are also few and far between which are another signal.

They should have used to money to fund app developers, but instead, app developers were afraid that block.one would compete with them.

I felt too it attracted the wrong type of developers. One's looking to get rich off crypto rather than innovators or people looking to build a different future. When you take this route, the money is drained and the projects go nowhere. People just cash out or leave and you are left with an empty shell.

EOS started fast but now there are more attractive options out there for developers and companies to build on. It's hard to know what their niche is now.

I think they'll get a boost when Bullish launches though. A huge inflow of funds could spark interest. Perhaps they'll relaunch their offering at this point.