The Top Paying Posts using Leofinance Tag

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There is always interest in posts that get a big payout. They are usually quality content (hopefully) that other people and the community has considered up-voting.

Trends in Top Payout Posts

This post takes a look at the #Leofinance posts since 1st of September to see the daily post count trend and also focusing in or drilling down on the Top posts by Payout during this period. Who are producing the highest quality content for Leofinance?

Screenshot from 20211216 102627.png

Since 1st Sep 40 Authors are the backbone of #leofinance making the most payout vlaue from posts.
As shown in the drill down

  • Most authors get to the top a few times in this period (i.e. Multiple Dots in bottom chart)
  • Some authors are at the top with 1 hit post (1 dot)
  • Some are regularly posting with significant payouts. (lines of dots)

You can also use see this Dashboard in interactive format at the following link. You can also look at different tags with it.

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