National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Seizes $1.5M from Ukraine Govt Official

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Whenever wars start, two types of sharks come out of water. First one is the human rights experts, who feed of the misery and eat the funds sent to the aid and then rotate it to their own accounts. In second sharks case, they are the one in the govt. Not necessarily the prime ministers and the political parties but the people who work on the govt positions.

Same kind of cases are happening in the Ukraine, Palestine and other places in the world. IMF and the world powers send the aid and it reaches the pockets of both these types of the sharks. And actual aid never reaches to the bottom where it was intended at the time of the sending the funds.

Ukraine is with the Russia in a political war. Where the things have gone so serious that it has caused the world powers divide and also other nations are facing the difficulties due to the same. And so it has affected those who are taking either side.

Let's talk about this heist that govt employees aka ministers and the workers pulling off during the war times.

Heist of Yuriy Shchigol in Technology Purchases

Govt usually gets the funding from the world powers when they are in fight with the Russia or other nations they sanctions. And the ukraine govt too got the funds like that. And they managed to turn the invoice of the technical purchases into the cryptocurrency swap. Turns out it took a lot of time to verify their heist.

It's like more than 1 year and it's almost 2nd year into the war. And it's ongoing. So it makes you feel there that this was happening from the start and the ukraine was giving false information of they winning the war meanwhile the funds were being pushed out of the nation with crypto swap.

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Catching the Scheme

NABU as in short form is the one that caught the scheme. They managed to catch the main guy behind the heist. And they also noticed that this guy was the one behind the purchase of the techonology durihng the wartimes. And the funds were passed from the overseas through the world powers supporting the ukraine.

How this funding was caught and revealed? Basically NABU managed to seize the 1.2 million in the usdt and they tracked it and another 6.9 btc caught too. Overall the whole scheme turned out to be from the insider of the govt. And that is often harer to find and execute during the war times. But it turned out to be the scheme that NABU unrevealed.

Wars and the Financial Predators

Hamas has the same funding benefits that they get from the palestine. We all know how the hamas has been getting the funding through variety of iranian crypto accounts and even through US accounts which have iranian immigrants. And the wars continue like this without we having to do anything.

Predators make sure the aid money never reach the final places. And another set of predator like the Ukraine types they make sure to fool the public and the govt itself and they eat the money in the middle. And if they leave the nations there is no way that sort of the heist ever gets the light of the day. But sometimes they do get caught.

Ukraine and Palestine have some of the predators that they have to manage. And if they don't then the war makers, war profiteers and the war impact all three targets would be completely tangent too. So in near future having the centralization may help the govt catch such people lot easily. Sometimes centralization benefits in such cases.

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